Sunday, November 19, 2017

Winter & Tying Season

Immediately after the previous post, winter arrived abruptly yet just as we anticipated. Hence, I started to spend more inside at my tying bench with much more time and enthusiasm than ever! 

I try to upload tying videos on my YouTube channel once a week until spring. There might be a few absence due to holidays etc., but I don't think I would run out of patterns on the list!

Also, I often post these pictures on Instagram. I seldom handle my i-phone when I'm near and around waters for social media purposes............. It works well for me at my bench. And there are some superb tyers and enthusiasts out there too.

One project I was eager to work on was 6 flies of Plate 2 in The Salmon Fly (1895) by George M. Kelson. Within 2016, I finished 3 of them. Then rest of winter and spring were occupied with personal moves. So those 3 flies had been unframed and kept in small plastic containers for a year. Then the rest of 3 were finally completed😌. But also it was worth a wait. I came to know a professional framer in Livingston and he gave me ideas and tips. I asked him if he can make oval cutout mats. That makes my life much easier after dressing😄

So here they are.
In an alphabetical order,
The Baron


John Ferguson

The Lion

Silver Doctor

Thunder and Lightning

I also made a few single-fly frames.
The Wild Irishman - see the background photo of the frame😏


This is definitely the one of the most complicated and busiest patterns ever recorded with three tail veiling, two body hackles, two throat hackles, two cheeks, and the list of feathers for wings😓 However the result and accomplishment are very satisfying😙

Happy Turkey Day every one🐦🐔🍗😋