Thursday, January 31, 2019

Salmon Flies 2019

We have had a few snow storms but over all this winter has still been average = just cold and snow accumulation at our headwaters are just around average.

I've been primarily busy with my salmon fly projects. Here's one that has been going on since the end of last year.

I designed this😎 Although I don't mean to totally replace the previous colorful one, I just needed one that's much simpler and totally original.
And that's for a totally original item❗❗❗
My own outfitting logo hat has just been created👏👏👏❗❗❗❗
 As you can definitely tell from this picture, it sports a 4-inch long bill, that should offer me perfect shade while fishing!!

Inside is special too. It's lined with comfortable and cool & stain-minimizing mesh😁
Now my logo is a silhouette of a salmon fly😲
And the belt & buckle will adjust exactly for one's and each head😇

I'm sincerely glad that I did lots of researches and pondering.
I could have asked someone to design a logo but I really wanted to do on my own. Then, once the logo was made, there are so many styles of hats available, including much less expensive ones. But I wanted a hat that can be one of our important and essential gears while fly-fishing. The long bill style here is not just a distinctive appearance but also it does give us some more extra shade than regular hats😎.

Luckily I have a professional model right here😊

Now here are actual salmon flies😲 that I dressed since the last post.
Rocke's Fancy (G.M. Kelson)

Stevenson (G.M. Kelson)

Gitana (Major Traherne)
This is another elaborated Tarherne patterns😫 with so many feathers. But it's very rewarding when it was successfully wrapped up with a neat head😬

I have a few more patterns to dress and frame this season. In other words, I have to see the end of my salmon fly season😥😭