Sunday, March 24, 2019

YouTube Video Series

Here's the final upload of my YouTube Tying Series Winter 2018-19.

It started with constant uploads but somewhere in the middle, it slowed down and became choppy😟. So much going on in my personal life - that's a reason as well as excuse. I actually have a list of many flies to shoot, trust me!! But the real reasons are some conflicts and nagging thoughts in my mind.

1) It's about time to replace and invest on a new camera, however I don't see exactly what I want in the market right now.

2) I know and have learnt how to edit videos - up until now, as you've seen, it's been one-time shoot video. I like that way as that keeps me on my toes but maybe about time to edit more and make viewer-appealing videos. These reasons require lots of investments on time (and some money). Do I have that much time? Perhaps I could make but not every week........but in order to gain more viewership, I'd better more frequently.......

3) I've got some ideas of doing new stuffs other than trout flies.
A) Perhaps Atlantic salmon flies step-by-step = shoot and post one videos for a few steps, perhaps several videos to complete one fly.
B) Also the gallery of Atlantic salmon flies and frames.
C) Post some reading stuffs, i.e., articles I've written before. You know I've written many articles for my blog and Fly Anglers OnLine. And I know how to make those videos. Not just having you read on the screen, but also adding some drawings and pictures. Topics would vary: techniques, introduction of waterbodies, flies, gears, books, and so on. So, I don't want you to think - and this is the statement to myself - that I gave up on this video channel of mine. I started from total 0 = zero and now gained over 300 subscribers and some videos have been played over thousands times. These facts have been encouraging and I never mean to let down current subscribers and am ambitious to gain more subscribers. So, please take this season as the stepping-stone season or a period I'm hitting the "wall". I will come back strongly!!

Indeed for the thought 1), I seem to have found out what I want, along with how to rotate and assign gadgets on my life and needs.
If you have read this through, would you let me know what you'd like to see on comments?