Sunday, March 18, 2018

Montana Spring Fishing Begins!!

The long and cold winter finally receded. Our surprise was February. Usually the month is easier to get by than December or January, however this one became colder, even brutal. We did get more than enough snowpacks all the headwaters of major rivers. It will be another big water years. How it unfolds will be totally up to spring weather patterns, starting from now.......

Instead I was able to focus on Atlantic salmon flies plus a few other tying & framing projects since last fall. I've been posting on Instagram and Facebook (occasionally on YouTube). If you haven't, find and follow me at those social medias. Sometimes I feel redundant to post here again. I will post at my sales page soon.

Immediately after salmon fly projects, I switched to work on trout flies. I need to supply my own and fill out boxes for upcoming season. Three huge categories are: freestone-general flies, Bighorn flies, and spring creek flies. I've been knocking down the list one by one. Then some new projects are coming up for spring. I will keep you posted!!

Once I start trout flies, I can't help but planning and going actual fishing!!
We hit our local Yellowstone River section around town.
Pregnant wifey 🤰 needs some exercise as well as starting the junior👦. She had a good start but trout slipped away before netting. "Their" first trout of the season had to be waited until next weekend.
I had a good start too😁👏
Here's an Instagram version.
And the next one😏
Then just yesterday on St. Patrick's Day, we made our annual spring Bighorn trip!!
Weather had been nice all over Montana, but the day turned out to be colder than we expected. It also remained cloudy most of the day. However that didn't turn us or our fishing down on the Bighorn!! Renee and inside junior got their first catch😁👏❗❗
 A typical Bighorn brown to get us started👌

When we stopped my boat, I rigged up mine as well and wade-fished. I felt something and it was fighting heavy❗❓OMG😓
 Then we saw a flock of them, big ones!............ I had to say these ones must have bullied out trout from the spot (which is usually very good).
 We were able to hit some of our favorite spots. Renee got another bite!
 Really hard-fighting good one👏🙌
 In the afternoon, I found us a jackpot🎉🎊💰 Note: the sun showed up a while and afternoon was slightly mild.
 I moved her to the spot on the boat.
She also had several bites in succession and this was a wrap👏😁

Hopefully you readers are enjoying some spring fishing!!
We try to get out as much as we can this spring. We may go back to Bighorn again😏