Thursday, June 28, 2018

PMD on Spring Creek

Pale Morning Dun hatch on Livingston's spring creeks is definitely the most important time that we won't miss with our annual fishing clock. Every year I feel so blessed that I can be on creeks. It doesn't matter whether I fish or guide.

After wet weathers in the previous week affected hatches (hatch did happen, it just came later on the day), weather finally settled for our favor. Not only good for hatches and rises, but it simply comfortable to be outside. On this day at DePuy's Spring Creek, though I can't say for sure, unusual breeze from northeast might have affected some in the morning. At least it made hard for us to spot fish in the creek. But then, PMD did hatch in the late morning. We had constant actions rest of the day😁

This time of year, Yellowstone Cutthroat are plenty in the creek as they swim up from Yellowstone River for spawning. Considering this year's high water on the river, they may linger in good numbers all through summer.

This was a very good stomach sample, and
This was perhaps our fish of the day, very nice Cutt👍
 And the winner fly is my own Buddy Wing Emerger😏
We had lunch as trout were digesting their own morning grubs. We must have given them enough time to digest as they started to rise when spinner falls occurred😎
Our last one to wrap up the day👏😃

Our boy has just started learning to fly-fish👶😆
His first rainbow and his name's sake fly-rod😁

Summer has just begun! Area streams will be available one by one. I keep you posted.
See you on the stream👋

Friday, June 22, 2018

June Days in YNP

I really like to fish Yellowstone Park in June. Season is early for both visiting anglers and tourists in general. Although it seems slightly changing every year (= slightly increasing numbers of visitors), yet it's not the peak. Planned right, one can get around.

As for fishing destinations, some lakes are available already. Streams that area ready to fish are limited. We can easily count and memorize = Firehole, Gibbon, and Madison River. These are geyser/ground spring oriented streams, so they don't really get discolored like the rest of freestone streams that run down from mountains as snow melt. These three streams offer supreme insect hatches and dry-fly opportunities, especially the Firehole does. This is because of warm water temperature, which is also due to geyser and ground springs. Flip side of this effect starts to show in July = now it's too warm for trout (they just remain lethargic and hang in there till cool weather arrives). So June, in my opinion, is the most constant fishing, in spite of unpredictable weather. Warm sunny days are good for caddis hatches and when it's cloudy and rainy, mayflies such as PMD will hatch in delights. Trout will rise. Fun and easy to catch? Once in a while - rest of the time, these streams are essentially spring creek look-alike. During the hatch periods, one has to have right flies. Seriously even the smallest trout wouldn't be fooled by unmatched flies and poor presentations. The added bonus, if one is lucky, is to encounter Giant Salmonfly hatches ahead of Madison River way downstream in Montana. June may sound short, even adding several days from Memorial Day weekend, and this short opportunity of big bugs is even shorter. But it's worth seeking for. In my case, it often coincides with PMD hatches at Livingston's spring creeks. It's hard for me to plan an annual visit.

Over the years, I have observed so many things and still observing and learning. I have schemes to get ahead of tourist traffic with wildlife. I have found several spots and stretches that no visiting anglers would ever care to fish. So I try not to use or say "crowded". As much as I enjoy for my own fun, I'd really like to introduce this early season in YNP to clients. Somehow for most anglers faraway, June may not sound attractive. Some would say the fall is better - well, come both and you will find out.

I have a client from Japan. We started from Firehole River. Trout were so eager to bite!

PMD has been reported but for us and this stretch, caddis was the main dish. 
It's very rare to find caddis emerger/pupa😲
 We only found PMD nymphs from stomachs.
As the wind blew harder, we decided to move on. We briefly fished for some rising trout on the Gibbon, then we moved to the Madison. I understand it's not just him but also for majority of anglers from other area, the nymphing method we employ could be intimidating = indicator + split shots + one big stonefly nymph + one small beadhead nymph. But my client was willing to learn. And his effort and our perseverance paid off😲
Congratulation for a fine brown trout👏🎉🎊👏
From July, fishers, including myself and my clients, move to and explore east side of YNP, mostly Yellowstone River systems. That is why I emphasize and promote to try west side of YNP while one can. The fall does not guarantee less crowds....matter of fact it could be busier........ well, these east side and the fall will be stories of later season😏

Oh, happy belated Fathers Day😉👶👪

Thursday, June 7, 2018

YNP Hatch Bonanza

WOW, it's been a while that I make a blog post in such a short interval😲
In between schedules and plans, I decided to get out to pry West side of YNP. I like this early season in this part of YNP as the season is still young, insect hatches are in mass and predictable, and trout rise with delights.

Firehole, as it usually does, has been cleared for the opening day. However, as in any other rivers around here, it has such a huge volume. As I heard in reports from here and there, I bet it would not have much going on in terms of rising trout.

Now water has dropped considerably for our favor. As I walked to my favorite spot, as much as I could foresee hatch & rise soon, I couldn't help but doing something "un-Firehole-ish"😏 It works when time is right and I admit this was the biggest of the day😎

Then it started😮 Tan caddis started to fly and trout responded accordingly at just where I predicted they would be😏
 All stages😏
 I think mayflies I saw were baetis rather than PMD.

Caught on a dark-olive caddis (that hatched next in a wave😮) this rainbow was some of the hardest-fighting and as large as the brown above. 
 This hatch stage really intrigued me😮😎
 I'm coming up with a new pattern😏
More species hatching😆
On the way out to West Gate, I stopped by one particular stretch of Madison River that no other people wouldn't care. One particular spot looked interesting and as I stepped in closer, yeah, trout were rising😏 This situation was much harder to decode than above, though rosters of insects were almost identical as above in Firehole. After several fly changes, I finally hooked one, the biggest one I'd been seeing among the group😎 As I set the hook, it pulled my line, leaped twice, and gone👋👋😲Somewhere in my mind, I admit that I was underestimating trout here😓 Next time.......😉

June is the period BEFORE Tsunami🌊of fishers and tourists hit Montana and YNP. Immediately after these streams, one by one, streams in the area start to clear and we may be able to sample "practical opening" of these. Definitely worth planning a trip for near future❗

Monday, June 4, 2018

YNP Our Opening Day

This year, Yellowstone National Park fishing season has been opened since May 26th.
We were anticipating something🤰but not really happening😶, neither was this weekend so we hit a road for a quick trip on US 89 to Yellowstone National Park.
Upon my wifey's request🙋, we had our opening day of YNP fishing😁
Either well-planned or spontaneously, we always like to fish somewhat minor water-bodies or spots for our opening day. And as always, she out-fishes me😅😓😘

I'm hearing good and likely reports from west side of YNP. North to northeast sides are behind. As the weather consistently warms up, I bet lakes and ponds will produce well. Also that helps to push the runoff. I'd say Gardner River would be fishable, at least would make us feel doable, in two weeks 😗. Rest of Yellowstone River systems, I'll keep good eyes and ears from Livingston to YNP.

Speaking of YNP fishing, from this season, Lefty Angler & Flies has acquired own guide permission (Commercial Use Authorization = CUA). Now is the time to start planning your trips and book guide service with me!! Not just YNP, Livingston's spring creek are always great to be, and float trips on Yellowstone, Madison, and Bighorn Rivers will be very enjoyable and productive all summer.