Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tough & Barely but also Silver Lining........

I've been super fortunate about weathers on my days-off to go fishing but today wasn't so pretty. It was typical Livingston Weather; sunny & dry with stiff winds from SW. Wind-chill made the day and fishing tough & short. This chart that I'm borrowing from somewhere online seems very accurate. What I experienced was about 35F & 45MPH. I could stand still and my fingers didn't get rotten off either.....

Apparently I visited DePuy's ( Over all, conclusion first, it's still in the middle of transition  or crossover. Indicator fishing with egg and scud didn't bring me any bites. Also due to waves caused by high winds, I missed some currents and water reading and just spooked couple of huge trout by my wading. Hmmmmm.......I had to do & think something different. Might as well, how about a little streamer, just for another experiment, and who knows?

It was a slight color variation of Doug's Home Invader.

It wasn't a super huge rainbow but surely colored well & strong.

I moved around and caught a so-so brown at another favorite section and that was all for today at 4pm.

Lessons learned & Observation for today. I believe rainbow are getting aggressive, ready to spawn, and coming into DePuy from Yellowstone River. Two reasons: One; rainbows are taking spots where browns were 2 months ago. Two; last weeks one & only bite of massive rainbow and today's bite on H.I. tell me that they are there and getting aggressive gradually but numbers are still low.

I did observe and look for hatching midges and rising trout. But nothing was going on at most likely sections. I thought I would have to face "SKUNK" in a while but it could have been a part of observation then. Luckily I could enjoy a few trout under the circumstance.

I will keep track of all every week!! That's my mission for myself and for all of you readers till spring.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Yesterday & Today

This week we finally had some snow accumulation here in Paradise Valley. Yesterday and today, I went out fishing during warm hours of the day but not much to report. Yesterday, I went to the same run as my last post but wind started to blow and it got cold. Apparently I didn't see any midge hatches and rising trout. I tried to salvage the day with nymphs, which I don't always want to do with my "dry-rig", and I hooked maybe a 16-inch Whitie or Bow but gone before netting.....

Today, weather was much better than yesterday. So with some hope and expectation, I head to DePuy. Well........I didn't see any "midging situation" again....... Creek seems to be now in "transition" for 2012, so to speak in my observation. Brown's spawning seems over (but we shouldn't step on where they were as their eggs are still there!!) and rainbow's spawning run hasn't started yet. Then midge hatch and trout rising activity seem to be affected by "funny weather patterns".
I wasn't disappointed or anything as I was at the creek for "Learning & Observation" for any situation. "If I don't see anything on the surface, I go deep." Then "how & where & what?"

One of the heftiest Rainbow ever!! It gave me a typical "BIG 'BOW" fight!!; bite solid, go slow for some seconds as if they are barely 14-incher, then run super hard!! And that was the only one bite. This should tell you what I mean by "transition", I hope..........
At that moment it was cold with a little snow flakes and chilling winds. But anyway at the end of the day, yesterday and today, it reached over 40s from single digits before noon........... That's what I mean by "funny weather patterns". 
On this nice fishing day, at least for me, I didn't see anybody. It was slow for sure but winter fishing is still a great fun!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

First 'Stone 2012

Today, off from work & another nice day, I did my other job = fishing. Going out fishing in this time of the year is really a job. One has to push oneself somewhat hard, at least wind wasn't blowing. I somehow really wanted to fish Yellowstone River for the first time this year. This does not mean that I get bored of or become know-know of DePuy. Creek is in a sort of transition, so to speak, in my view and I thought "better give 'em some break from my flies!!" I went one of nearby sections from my house. You know where this is and it still shows my love & interests of Creek.....

I fished with somewhat mixed up streamer x nymph tactics. My first fish from 'Stone this year was a nice little rainbow, beached on ice.......

OH BOY, I missed you, WHITIE!! How have you been?  I caught 3 of them today. This one was the largest........Somewhat content to see they are alive?? maybe......

Then I have to report this and you'd better check out if you want to do some dry-fly fishing soon!!
I started to see a few rises here and there. Eventually more than some and constant risers were all over!! It was a midge hatch!! It was very amazing to see in the middle of winter.

But also it was so embarrassing that I was with my 6wt rod and FULL-SINK line.......And my MIDGE BOXES were left in my house. I could have gone back to my truck to get my 5wt and floating line and fished with a small attractor dry-flies but I figured it would be gone by the time I came back...... At least I was right for that.  Hatch & rise started around 1pm and went strong 30-minute then slowed down. I still saw some risers and midges hanging around ice till I quit at 3:30pm.

This is why I love 'Stone super much!! Let me quote here. My guiding mentor's (Montana's Master Angler Tom Travis) mentor (Don Williams) said "If you can learn to read the waters of Yellowstone River and consistently take trout, you can travel the world and consistently a successful fly angler". (Go to, click ARTICLES on the left, click EYE OF THE GUIDE, then click Nov 6 by Tom Travis).
Either as a guide or a fisherman, I want to get close to the quote......

I will be on the water again next week. Both DePuy & 'Stone. I wish I could go fishing every day but also it's just a great time to be slow and observant. Learning and Observation will never end. BUT I just don't want to learn to fall in the river in winter and how I feel......I think I already know that!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just Quickly....

Today made the second day outing this year. Nothing really new or spectacular to report other than it was cold and now I'm running my wood stove as Montana winter is supposed to require.

But I'd like to share this picture quickly. It was just a 14-incher. But well-colored and "humped" like some sort of salmon...... Feisty or Weird?

At the end, I caught a nice brown and that was all.........

Browns, either who have gone through spawning or those who have not this time, seem to be in great shape and put lots of fight on my rod.  Then rainbows are now coloring well and getting ready for their spawning season. I just need some size!! But.....I do promise that I will NEVER step into redds or try to snag ones in actually mating groups......

Monday, January 9, 2012

PT MF Cripple Online

Howdy folks. My original fly is again featured at Fly Anglers Online ( Scroll down little a bit and you'll see "Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple" and click!! Or click FOTW (Fly of the Week) on the left.  PT MF Cripple is featured as of Jan 2, 2012. WOW what a good start for the brandnew year!! Background stories, how-to-fish, materials, tying steps are there. So I don't repeat here all over. It does catch fish!! Just one story that I omitted was: reason/situation I came up with this fly was that too many pheasant tails are left at my bench as I tie too many COYOTEs so I "had to" do something with them & reduce them.......It turned out to be not just an inventory reduction but a very effective fly!!

This is baetis with white wing.

This is PMD with black wing. Some people claim black wings are easy to see on overcast day. I think this is really a personal choise/matter. I, for one, prefer white wing under any condition.

Go catch fish! I still remember this catch at DePuy. One of nicest rainbow caught on dry-fly and so far the best of PT MF Cripple!! And the fact my idea was approved at DePuy means my fly & I passed the exam assigned by River God & trout.

I'll create a PAGE on the top right for this fly and mores to come soon!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Match The ........?

Recently I've been asked what kind of egg fly I'm using for the constant catch of those biggies at DePuy (or anywhere). Pattern and materials are nothing new (see my fly sales catalogue). But I think I can say that it's more like how much you know about "WHEN" & "WHICH COLOR" to use. So here you are.

(cited from American Angler magazine November/December 2008 issue)
 Truth is I just wanted to do a test-run on my brandnew computer to see how it scans and if I can handle it. It works fairy well, huh? And I just recalled this chart. The chart has been in my memory but every time when I needed it, I had to flip over piles of old once for all, I scanned the chart and decided to keep in my computer!
I hope some of you out there find this useful for your fishing and tying. Even "steelheaders" might find it useful if he/she doesn't mind "not swinging"!?
Well, now rainbows are ready to spawn soon, actually just what I need is.......

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!

I don't mind repeating this phrase "what a gorgeous day here in Paradise Valley!!". My first fishing day for 2012 was blessed with nice winter weather. Sunny, over 40s, & NO wind!! One could take a nap outside. I wanted to see how my "fishing fortune" would be for the brandnew year!! Instead of "crystal ball", I utilized "crystal clear" water of spring creek.

Very strong & beautiful rainbow!!
I hope 2012 will be "COLORFUL" & "BIG" for me!!

For every size,

and for every creature,

I wish 2012 will be a great one!!