Monday, January 9, 2012

PT MF Cripple Online

Howdy folks. My original fly is again featured at Fly Anglers Online ( Scroll down little a bit and you'll see "Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple" and click!! Or click FOTW (Fly of the Week) on the left.  PT MF Cripple is featured as of Jan 2, 2012. WOW what a good start for the brandnew year!! Background stories, how-to-fish, materials, tying steps are there. So I don't repeat here all over. It does catch fish!! Just one story that I omitted was: reason/situation I came up with this fly was that too many pheasant tails are left at my bench as I tie too many COYOTEs so I "had to" do something with them & reduce them.......It turned out to be not just an inventory reduction but a very effective fly!!

This is baetis with white wing.

This is PMD with black wing. Some people claim black wings are easy to see on overcast day. I think this is really a personal choise/matter. I, for one, prefer white wing under any condition.

Go catch fish! I still remember this catch at DePuy. One of nicest rainbow caught on dry-fly and so far the best of PT MF Cripple!! And the fact my idea was approved at DePuy means my fly & I passed the exam assigned by River God & trout.

I'll create a PAGE on the top right for this fly and mores to come soon!!

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