Friday, January 20, 2012

Yesterday & Today

This week we finally had some snow accumulation here in Paradise Valley. Yesterday and today, I went out fishing during warm hours of the day but not much to report. Yesterday, I went to the same run as my last post but wind started to blow and it got cold. Apparently I didn't see any midge hatches and rising trout. I tried to salvage the day with nymphs, which I don't always want to do with my "dry-rig", and I hooked maybe a 16-inch Whitie or Bow but gone before netting.....

Today, weather was much better than yesterday. So with some hope and expectation, I head to DePuy. Well........I didn't see any "midging situation" again....... Creek seems to be now in "transition" for 2012, so to speak in my observation. Brown's spawning seems over (but we shouldn't step on where they were as their eggs are still there!!) and rainbow's spawning run hasn't started yet. Then midge hatch and trout rising activity seem to be affected by "funny weather patterns".
I wasn't disappointed or anything as I was at the creek for "Learning & Observation" for any situation. "If I don't see anything on the surface, I go deep." Then "how & where & what?"

One of the heftiest Rainbow ever!! It gave me a typical "BIG 'BOW" fight!!; bite solid, go slow for some seconds as if they are barely 14-incher, then run super hard!! And that was the only one bite. This should tell you what I mean by "transition", I hope..........
At that moment it was cold with a little snow flakes and chilling winds. But anyway at the end of the day, yesterday and today, it reached over 40s from single digits before noon........... That's what I mean by "funny weather patterns". 
On this nice fishing day, at least for me, I didn't see anybody. It was slow for sure but winter fishing is still a great fun!!

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