Friday, January 6, 2012

Match The ........?

Recently I've been asked what kind of egg fly I'm using for the constant catch of those biggies at DePuy (or anywhere). Pattern and materials are nothing new (see my fly sales catalogue). But I think I can say that it's more like how much you know about "WHEN" & "WHICH COLOR" to use. So here you are.

(cited from American Angler magazine November/December 2008 issue)
 Truth is I just wanted to do a test-run on my brandnew computer to see how it scans and if I can handle it. It works fairy well, huh? And I just recalled this chart. The chart has been in my memory but every time when I needed it, I had to flip over piles of old once for all, I scanned the chart and decided to keep in my computer!
I hope some of you out there find this useful for your fishing and tying. Even "steelheaders" might find it useful if he/she doesn't mind "not swinging"!?
Well, now rainbows are ready to spawn soon, actually just what I need is.......


  1. I've never used an egg pattern for trout but I'm not above it. Good info to tuck away for future use

  2. Well, try one someday at right time. It can save your day! I think it's important to be open and observant, think like trout!, and look for what they are biting rather than thinking in our perspectives. Say, now I don't catch any trout on SJ Worm at the creek.....interesting!