Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Run Continues

Here's one post late CELEBRATION for THE 600TH Post!!
I was busy with other things and unconsciously forgotten when I updated last post, which made another milestone, 600th Post!! This blog of mine, which started just as a place to share my fishing stories and pictures (plus some other topics every now and then), has generated so many readers around the globe and even fishing clients over the years. Thank you for stopping by and hope to keep going!

I've been having some of the most consistent winter-fishing in my note. That's because of fair and prolonging "Winter Run" on DePuy's Spring Creek. So the report seems not much changing for the past couple posts but it's just good! - with one surprising reward for this post!!

Pretty much any spots/sections I chose to fish, I've been having good bites with feisty trout.

Then, at one of overlooked spots, I spotted some shadows. That wasn't a spawning action. I just spotted something and challenged for the "sight-fishing" situation with excitement and concentration.............. I successfully got into hooking. Trout leaped and almost wrapped on and around the branches just above the creek. I was able to control the situation and successfully netted!!
This nice rainbow is noted as another memorable & satisfying catch from the creek!!
Different angle.............

On the way back to my home, I spotted this creature!!
This is the first time to observe a naturally black hare!! No need to dye and will produce thousands dozens of black stonefly nymphs!!!
Here's a reworked Silver Grey.
Current project is reaching its climax = two more challenging patterns and the grand framing.....

Hope to get out some more fishing this month and see how February goes.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Days Continue

I'd like to say it's been winter-like days, as we know of, here in Paradise Valley. It seems "average" in terms of "how cold" and snowpack, that I think most people around here agree.

I was able to get out to fish DePuy's Spring Creek again in two afternoons this week. Weathers were some of the best I could ask for in this time of year.
This was from a rainbow I caught next.
 Again, this is the time of "winter-run", known among handful of local/regular anglers.....
 Always learning.
Rainbows about this size were very active right now!
 Then, I've been surprised by some good browns!

Some what stranger for this time year, you Cutty!

This afternoon, I successfully caught each trout species of Yellowstone River system!

I've been up-grading and improving my new truck. Finally I got some ideas and put them together to make a rod rack that goes through truck-bed to inside of cab. It turned out to be some of few ideas of mine that came up as I wished!!
I have tested with my own rod and drove miscellaneous terrains. Then I made sure rods are securely held and won't bother passengers. Although there may be some improvements as I use more, I'm certain this set-up will be very useful when I guide clients for walk/wade trips on Livingston spring creeks and Yellowstone Park waters.
Here's another unofficial snowpack report. Just outside of Bozeman, along Lower Madison, snow becomes suddenly deeper than in town.
With some more snow expected till spring, I think it will definitely be some good snowpacks!
Also it's good time to practice - making a fly-fisher out of her!
With the Holiday season totally got behind, I was able to focus more.......that I don't think it would only be me..............
My current project is back on track and going well.

Butcher (T.E. Pryce-Tannatt)
 Durham Ranger
A few more for another grand framing........

So the first half of this month has been full and enjoyable for me.
Hope most of you out there are also busy with fishing and tying.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Starts - with Montana Life

Happy New Year 2016!
I hope you had some good times during Holiday seasons.

After some relaxing time, I went for the first day fishing (and the second one) to DePuy's Spring Creek on 5th (then 6th). My first trout for the new year was a nice-size hefty rainbow! I'd like to say it's a good start!
Certain strains of rainbows in Yellowstone River system are making "winter-run" and actually "spawning"..........
To end the first day of fishing, I was rewarded with a super bonus trout!!
Good color!
Day 2 was quite fun as well.
These browns will gain weight soon.
Just before the year end, we cruised in Yellowstone National Park again. It turned out to be, as expected for this time of year, a "wildlife tour"!
Starting with sheep,
 Big Elk!!
We did the first ever cross-country skiing! Along the trail, we spotted a fox who looked as if guiding us.
Tower Fall is magnificent all the time.
Yellowstone River at Calcite Spring Overlook.
More wildlife close encounter!!

 Slough Creek is covered with snow and ice....... Hopefully our beloved cutthroat are doing well. And as you can see, Yellowstone Park = source of our rivers is covered with good amount of snow. Hopefully we'll have good water & flows this upcoming season.
Atlantic salmon fly project is going OK. Again, these are based on Dr. Pryce-Tannatt - perhaps some of you would be getting idea of what I'm up to.
Orange Parson
Silver Grey

So 2016 has started well. Hopefully it will be another great fishing season for everyone!