Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 2 - Fall-Runners

During the late October at DePuy's Spring Creek (, as it has been so for the past few seasons, I have to make two posts on the same day to cover two different topics: match-the-hatch fishing and fall-run fishing. Both are what Creek is famous for and what anglers are expecting for. Now key-players are: Nymphs & Streamers. Same fly patters used for rivers can work, while there are some specific patterns developed for spring creeks.
Let's review how my fall-run fishing went in the Week 2!

One by one, big & aggressive brown trout is entering the creek. I was finally able to claim one at my regular spot!
Then, rainbows are following right behind.

Streamer Eater!
Something bright!!??
Another streamer-eater!
I played some with the new functions with my new camera!!
This one had such vivid red spots.
Another photo-shop!
A dramatic effect...........

I'm satisfied with my results. I haven't caught something Extra-Large yet. But someone has to do it once a year at least! This year, so far, it happened to my Outfitter and his long time client. And I happened to be near by. Sincerely, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!! 
 Just FYI, we measured 28-inch long...............
The Kype........
As much as I enjoy match-the-hatch fishing, I'd love to chase something big and memorable!!
There might be another one or two like this coming into creek. Who knows? Yet it could happen to YOU!......or me!

Week 2 - Midges

What a fall!! The second week with DePuy's Spring Creek ( Pass is yet another action & fan packed week. And I'm still fishing full-time. Key-factor is still MIDGES. Hatches have been constant and reliable (time & place) yet that does not mean fishing is easy!! It's always challenging to fish for tiny insects and trout that are delicately rising to them!! And that's why I never get bored!! Although I have taken many trout with dry-flies on the surface but mostly "Rise Above, Bite Below". It seems to be my new mantra!!
Followings are memorable catches from past several days. Not much explanations needed, I guess. Enjoy the gallery!!

Yellowstone Cutty in the fall color!
New fly was gladly taken by the first cast!!
Massive river-run Rainbow!!!
Browns also like my ideas!!
Observe and study!!
 I messed up the "selfie" but you see how thick it was.........

Observe & Study 2!!

This one caught me by surprise and delight!!
River-run brown!!
And the best pattern is..........
Actually the new color........
Another submarine!!
I feel I'm catching Cut-bow more than ever!!
New midge dry!

I don't mind fishing for midges as long as they last!! But also, I hope to see & report the same with Fall Baetis (Blue-Winged-Olive) soon!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rise Above, Bite Below

I'm taking a day-break from 3 days of intense fishing since Winter Pass started at DePuy's Spring Creek ( Have I already caught "THE ONE"? How's fall hatches? So far, this fall is somewhat different from the past seasons. Of course in a good way. Let's review!!

October 15th, many "regulars" showed up for our own "opening" and fished at their favorite spots. From my scouting, I had noticed that not so many browns hadn't migrated into the creek yet. I tested each spot and searched. This OK brown was my "opener"!! It took the improved version of one of my original patterns. More later!
It was a very windy day. Even for Livingston locals, it was discouraging. I stayed late and hoped wind would subside....... Not really. I managed to catch this beautiful fall-colored Cutty!!
 Rainbow is also getting fatty & sassy!! Also this was the first "selfie" with my new camera. Not too bad?
Oct 16, Day 2 started with a not-so-huge-but-definitely-river-run Rainbow.
Then from experience & observation of the previous day,  I had a solid plan for this day. It was Midge Hatch for the first thing in the morning!!
At one particular spot of the creek, hatch was amazing!! Among all the hatches of all the seasons at the creek, this was some of the best I've ever fished for!!
 Different 'Bow from above!!
Then I observed a nice fish cruising. It was another great sight-fishing experience!!
Gotcha!! Must be a River-Run Rainbow!!
Midge adults were flying all over & all day but what trout were actually taking was...........
A fall-color Cut-Bow!!
I caught one nice brown too!
October 17th, Day 3 was much colder than past several days. Consequently hatch & rise actions started a bit later than Day 2. Well, Day 2 was phenomenal & exceptional! Here's the morning-shadowy brown!
Checking their dinner and breakfast.
Midges were having too much fun!?
Hefty & dynamic 'Bow!
Another nice brown in the afternoon!
I played some......thank you for your cooperation.
Last one for the hatch was another massive submarine-like Rainbow!!
So, was I fishing & catching with dry-flies or what? Yes, I did catch with midge-dry-flies on the surface. However, 95% of my catches were taken by slightly-below-the-surface Emerger/Pupa patters. Especially one & only.........
I did see lots of rises and I cast for them. Yet, trout were taking ascending pupae or emerger struggling in the film. This is where the title comes from........

There are some anglers reporting fall baetis (BWO) hatches at different spot/sections of the creek. I believe them. How about Big Spawning phase browns? Just waiting........ My best guess is: this year, Yellowstone River has been flowing with above-average waters. Plus, weather has been nice through October. Trout must be still comfortable in the river. It's gonna be soon anyway. How soon? It can be tomorrow or even this evening!! That's why I visit DePuy's a lot in October!!

To be continued............

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Deepens & New Camera

October is rolling just fine & steady so far. As I usually mention this time of year, "October is the Looongest month of the year" for me. And it historically seems lots of things can happen each year. Say, last year, I had a bad cold all through the month........yet I fished & guided all through. Also some of readers might recall "THE ONE" (no link needed). So far it's been quiet this year. Nothing wrong with that...... Let me see what's gonna happen in this October.

Right after the "Dawn Treader", I took two clients to Firehole. Fishing was excellent with aforementioned hatches. Here's a typical shot, regarding why Firehole is called "strangest river on the earth". We were fishing for afternoon baetis hatch in a pretty much spring-creek situation, surrounded by wildlife (buffalo), steams of geysers, and sightseers...........
Some projects at DePuy's Spring Creek............hopefully more to come eventually.

Then the last but not the least, I have just made relatively a big decision/investment for my work and life. Remember this picture from summer of 2011? It was new at that time..........
That was still in early July so this camera = TG-310 = has gone & worked through 4 abusive fishing seasons of mine!! This time I haven't broken or dropped in the river but I have had to notice it's getting tired & worn recently......... I'm not going to throw it away. It can still be ready any time!! even diving into the river with trout!!

So here comes the new comrade. It's TG-850 (click).  Over all performance is much higher and sophisticated than the predecessor. Honestly my biggest attraction was.................well, Flipping LCD Screen for my solo fishing scenes!! Guess what I did? I just set a mirror in front of it.
 Now, with the new editing software, I flipped the entire picture. Pardon my cozy (if not messy) tying bench.....
Of course it inherited the "Bobber-Floating Strap"!!!
I gotta learn many more useful and beautiful features of this new gizmo!! Especially before Winter Pass starts at DePuy's ( on October 15th!!!
Like or dislike, expect sophisticated "selfies" from now on............