Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rise Above, Bite Below

I'm taking a day-break from 3 days of intense fishing since Winter Pass started at DePuy's Spring Creek ( Have I already caught "THE ONE"? How's fall hatches? So far, this fall is somewhat different from the past seasons. Of course in a good way. Let's review!!

October 15th, many "regulars" showed up for our own "opening" and fished at their favorite spots. From my scouting, I had noticed that not so many browns hadn't migrated into the creek yet. I tested each spot and searched. This OK brown was my "opener"!! It took the improved version of one of my original patterns. More later!
It was a very windy day. Even for Livingston locals, it was discouraging. I stayed late and hoped wind would subside....... Not really. I managed to catch this beautiful fall-colored Cutty!!
 Rainbow is also getting fatty & sassy!! Also this was the first "selfie" with my new camera. Not too bad?
Oct 16, Day 2 started with a not-so-huge-but-definitely-river-run Rainbow.
Then from experience & observation of the previous day,  I had a solid plan for this day. It was Midge Hatch for the first thing in the morning!!
At one particular spot of the creek, hatch was amazing!! Among all the hatches of all the seasons at the creek, this was some of the best I've ever fished for!!
 Different 'Bow from above!!
Then I observed a nice fish cruising. It was another great sight-fishing experience!!
Gotcha!! Must be a River-Run Rainbow!!
Midge adults were flying all over & all day but what trout were actually taking was...........
A fall-color Cut-Bow!!
I caught one nice brown too!
October 17th, Day 3 was much colder than past several days. Consequently hatch & rise actions started a bit later than Day 2. Well, Day 2 was phenomenal & exceptional! Here's the morning-shadowy brown!
Checking their dinner and breakfast.
Midges were having too much fun!?
Hefty & dynamic 'Bow!
Another nice brown in the afternoon!
I played some......thank you for your cooperation.
Last one for the hatch was another massive submarine-like Rainbow!!
So, was I fishing & catching with dry-flies or what? Yes, I did catch with midge-dry-flies on the surface. However, 95% of my catches were taken by slightly-below-the-surface Emerger/Pupa patters. Especially one & only.........
I did see lots of rises and I cast for them. Yet, trout were taking ascending pupae or emerger struggling in the film. This is where the title comes from........

There are some anglers reporting fall baetis (BWO) hatches at different spot/sections of the creek. I believe them. How about Big Spawning phase browns? Just waiting........ My best guess is: this year, Yellowstone River has been flowing with above-average waters. Plus, weather has been nice through October. Trout must be still comfortable in the river. It's gonna be soon anyway. How soon? It can be tomorrow or even this evening!! That's why I visit DePuy's a lot in October!!

To be continued............

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