Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mother's Day Caddis Hatch & Annual River Cleanup & Surprising Gift!

Back from East Idaho Fly Tying Expo, I am spending my normal life of tying flies and fishing!
It's just that time of year = Mother's Day Caddis Hatch!!
On Yellowstone River? - It seems less likely to see this year (I don't mean to be an authoritative figure of this subject so don't condemn me if something changes. But I guess this is the general consensus in town.......)
Instead, on Madison River, especially Lower Madison, caddis hatch is tremendous!! It is actually happening a couple of weeks earlier than typical years, meaning a couple of weeks earlier than Mother's Day itself. 
We fly-fishers in the area wouldn't mind but welcome this early occurrence.
I first hit a section above Ennis.
I did catch a "rise" with a caddis pattern but,
the stomach sample indicated mix of everything.

I even saw bigger meals fluttering around.......

Then I moved to Lower = just outside of Bozeman. Yes M-Day Caddis was flying all over!!

I attempted to capture the scenes then I found it would be very tough to impossible. So I finally figured out I could shoot the video. Seeing is believing!!

Actually during this hatch & flight, I didn't see any rising trout nor had any bites on my dry-flies. Trout activity and real fishing after this incredible caddis action subsided and when they started to come back to the river surface. Some might have been attempting to take a rest from flight, while others would have started diving to lay eggs.
I fished for rises after rises and I had hits and misses. Regardless of sizes, caddis aiming trout were very aggressive and strong!!

Next day (YES! I went back!), weather turned out to be very wet & cold. Yet there were substantial numbers of caddis on the water. In spite of conditions, I was able to pick up several rising trout.
What's on the right?

On Saturday 25th, I volunteered the annual Yellowstone River Cleanup. It turned out to be another cold spring weather but instead the river didn't blow with the runoff so we could float (or walk along) to pick up trashes.
Back to Civic Center, we had a friendly raffle drawing. I won again!? (yes, I've been on the raffle winning streak this spring!). I was told to choose one from items on the table............
What a special gift!! I'm very happy to acquire something directly related to one of my fly-fishing heroes, Jack Gartside!!
And WOW!!

It seems I will be busy with the similar subjects next week.........which I don't mind......
I hope you all have good spring fishing before runoff!! If not, stock up flies for summer!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

East Idaho Fly Tying Expo 2015

I got back from East Idaho Fly Tying Expo ( in Idaho Falls, ID.
Quite an event............... What an experience..............
It was very intense for two days ONLY & SOLELY dedicated to fly-tying!! I visited with several good tyers and had lots of audiences from near and far during my table sessions.

This is the very first time to have and wear a shirt with my name on it!
Convention Center of Shilo Inn in Idaho Falls was a very goo venue. It was filled with lots of fly-tyers and visitors for two days.
My table sessions (I did three!!) became very busy!! Honestly much more than I had anticipated. I had visitors all the time.
 I think this was when I was introducing a piece of magazine article (framed) about my COYOTE.
And my frames became huge attractions!!

 Then, on Day 2, I was on the list for the stage!
Adjusting cameras and microphone.
 Here it goes!

The first pattern I introduced was, to get my fingers warmed up, Sparkle Crane Larva.

My left-arm is spinning!

 I've been training myself with my own YouTube channel. Also I had plenty of practices on Day 1.
This was just a larger scale but I didn't have to worry camera, recording, etc.

I had quite a number of audience.

Back to my table (just using the same pic).

I sincerely appreciate people who plan and organize the Expo and gave me such a wonderful opportunity. My flies and frames (and my humble skills and knowledge) finally got some public lights other than online methods.

Thank you everyone who visited my table sessions and theater. As a guide, I did my best to introduce how to fish with these flies of mine on top of how to tie them. Let me know how my patterns do in your waters.

I certainly want to go back next year!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Grand Finale - Best of Spring Hatches

REMINDER: East Idaho Fly Tying Expo is getting close!! = April 17th & 18th at Shilo Inn in Idaho Falls, ID. I'm very excited. Hope to see some blog readers over there!!

Well, it's about that time of year. DePuy's Spring Creek Winter Pass (Oct 15th - Apr 14th) is about to end. As of this writing, there are two more days left but I have finished my schedule with great feeling = success, satisfaction, and then new things that I have learned and observed. This past week I fished the creek for, well, 6 days (except Saturday 11th). I'd like to say this was by far the BEST April fishing I've ever had!! It's been filled with great midge & baetis hatches along with, of course, many trout, among which some are very large to be taken by tiny insect imitating flies!!
It will be one spring to be remembered. Hence it will be another gallery post with not much commentary.

April 6th, it was cold with snow fallen during the day of Easter. I was fed with some great foods at my friends' so I was able to fish hard! La Pupa, that I introduced in my catalog, will work!!

 After this, northern winds got stronger and colder. I had to quit fishing.
April 7th, one of creek regulars as well as my good neighborhood fisherman, Lester with The Ignorant Angler took some pictures for me.

 Certainly better than my self-timer pics........ Thank you Lester!
In the afternoon, getting tired of direct exposure to northern winds, I changed a spot. Not much changed...... However, midges and baetis were trapped, so to speak, in that particular spot and trout rose in spite of rough & wavy surface. Furthermore, my new dry flies were proven to be very effective!! (more to come). This was a very satisfying brown, taken on my new midge dry!!

Then a new baetis dry!!

Back to midges.
For every species.......

This is the midge that creek regulars are seeing and discussing this season.
April 8th started with the morning glory!
At one particular spot, sight-fishing produced amazing results!!! Everything was oh-so-visible and trout were oh-so-HUGE!! (I wasn't fishing the group in redds. Apparently browns spawn in the fall.) Midge larva and pupa patterns did some incredible jobs!! This will be remembered forever!!!!

Next one was even bigger but fly that did the job was smaller = size 24 Chewy Midge Larva 
The best & largest caught during the hatch fishing (soon to be the second best.......continue scrolling down).

Another typical of DePuy's resident brown!!

April 9th, I went back to the same spot though I didn't expect anything better than the day before. Yet I again spotted a big trout. With several attempt, it came up and took my size 22 (practically #24) midge dry-fly!!!
This is the BEST and my record with the hatch fishing with the smallest fly in my box!!

April 10th, another midge morning. My another new midge dry-fly was gladly taken!!

In the afternoon, I moved to a different stretch of creek. I suddenly encountered a group of rising trout that I didn't expect there!! They were after midges. I guess both trout and I were caught by surprise to each other!!

Then suddenly I was surrounded by rising trout - just like soon-to-come PMD time!!! Unbelievable even surreal experience!!
My other new trial midge dry-fly (Yes I've been working on several different pattern) got a huge attention!!

A handsome Cut-bow hybrid!!
Stomach sample show more baetis than midges........
Nice Yellostone Cutty on baetis patterns!!
My own FA Nymph was about to be torn up.......
April 12th, sky and air temp were moderate but winds came from every direction, some of which were cold and distracting but over all, they didn't ruin fishing. Rather, trout were active in between winds.

I was needed lots of patience and perseverance in the morning. I hooked some and lost them in between winds. I wanted just one more fish at Annie's Run. I observed the creek surface. I noticed lots of large pupa shucks. I tied on a large Pupaerger and cast........ Finally a solid hook-up!!
Good job!
My observation was confirmed.
I moved to a different stretch. Midge hatches were still strong. A nice brown came up and took a tiny dry-fly!
Baetis hatched shortly & sparsely but I did get some actions.
Just like 10th, trout keyed on midges after baetis hatch ended.

This brown was caught by luck. I couldn't really figure out why trout weren't really interested in my flies today. As I was about to leave and move to the next spot, I observed the surface and seined. The answer: I found many midges in GRAY.  So I tied on gray and light-colored midge patterns. Trout responded immediately!!

Then the very last one to end the day and the Winter Pass (that was because I decided to stop though there were more possibilities to catch more): It came up to my new midge dry-fly, size 22 in Gray of course. It was so dramatic for me.
It was larger than the one above. This picture shows I was releasing it properly........

I'm very content now. This season was again filled with lots of memories, lots of trout, lots of bugs, and lots of new observation and learning. Many THANKS to Smith Family who own and run the creek for letting me in and answering my compulsive phone calls.

End of Winter Pass is merely a little stopping point of my own fishing. I soon visit back most likely with clients through summer. Hope to see more trout and bugs.

Off to East Idaho Fly Tying Expo!!