Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Fishing Report

Before I go on the first ever "pure fishing report" post in a while, I have one news/announcement to share. Many of you know, and even join in, International Federation of Fly Fishers (formerly Federation of Fly Fishers; Their head office and museum is located right here in Livingston. It's a worthless information but I live in a walking distance of two blocks behind them. They will hold an International Fly Fishing Fair right here in Livingston (click here).  I have become an "unofficial" Ambassador to promote event to and generate more participants to Japanese Anglers. I'm doing more on the Facebook page.

Also, to all of you American and world-wide readers, many of you may come this way for the event. Even if you don't join the event or plan to visit around here other times of year, stop by IFFF building and check their museum.
They have full of awesome stuffs!! Library holds many a valuable historical books!!
My Master's work!!
 This is just a part of the wall. There are many more showcases and stuffs on other walls.
Museum will be open during the Fair. But also if you are passing from/to, say, Yellowstone Park at other occasions, I suggest you to drop by anyway.

Coldness got somewhat loose on Saturday. Yet it was still "cold" in general, especially for fishing. But with one Atlantic Salmon fly project completed, my mind was filled with hot desire to go fishing. At least winds seemed gentle, so I hit DePuy's ( Well, it was cold........... 11F plus some NE breezes........... But unfortunately there were some willing trout!
 Rainbows are getting heavier and stronger!!
 Then I got a surprise! Actually surprised after I transferred pictures from my camera to computer. It was a nice brown on my hands. But I didn't recognize this big till I see this photo on screen!
Then today Sunday, I woke up with another foot of fresh snow........... It was supposed to be improved, wasn't it, weather people!? Temperature was single-digit at the highest. I hit the creek anyway. Just like yesterday, I hooked then lost one potential big one. This brown wasn't as small or medium as it looks. Indeed it fought a lot.
Over all, one particular pattern of mine is very effective right now.

It should be warming up next week. Regardless of weather, I already know fishing = numbers & sizes = is getting better and better from now on!

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