Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year!!
Hope it will be another great fishing year for everyone. That being said, I haven't done any fishing so far, actually since last post. It's been cold mostly. Rather than rushing to the creek and fighting for frozen guides, I would choose nicer conditions to offer better fishing reports.

But also the project I mentioned the other day has been keeping me focused.
I completed 1/3 of the entire plan. So here it is. Now you see my intention.
My flies are facing other way? As you know I'm Lefty. How about "Mirror effect"?
You can see each fly at my gallery as well.
In terms of number of flies, it's not so many but there are a few very challenging patterns so I really don't know when I'm done and don't set time either. I will reveal the next two plates when I'm satisfied.

Just like aforementioned challenging patterns, it will be a very busy, focused, and challenging year for me for sure........

Hope everyone has had good Holidays and now have a good weekend!

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