Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Another Big News (& The Usual)

It seems my new website, www.leftyanglerandflies.com, being clicked. Thank you for stopping by and hope to hear from you in a near future.

I'd like to announce another big news for this winter-spring. I'm invited as a demonstration fly-tyer to East Idaho Fly Tying Expo (http://srcexpo.com), which will be held in Idaho Falls on April 17th (Fri.) and 18th (Sat.). 
This will be my first ever public tying, except for my YouTube channel, that I'm very anxious for. Last year I visited as an audience and noticed this is indeed a tying/tyer oriented expo. Also this is the nearest and largest show of the kind in my area.
I will be at one of tyers' seats:
17th: 3 - 6pm
18th: Noon - 4pm
On Saturday,18th, a superb banquette will follow after the PM session (dinner and raffles).

I don't say "come & see me!!" rather I'd like to say "join this truly tying oriented show". There will be many good tyers, including some world-class tyers. My Atlantic Salmon Fly Mentor will come too!!
I keep you updated as it gets closer and I get more information.

What a weather!! What a winter!! I kept saying "moderate winter" but I've been forced to change that to "warm winter" as of last week. Air temp reached 60s!! Everyone in this area remembers that exactly a year ago we were experiencing 20 BELOW 0!! Furthermore, last Friday and Saturday, winds were dangerously strong so I couldn't even go outside.
Sunday turned out to be much better. It was very comfortable to be at DePuy's Spring Creek (www.depuyspringcreek.com).  But with the bright condition and just "typical of this time of year", trout seemed scattering around. Without being conceited, it's very unusual for me to take that long till I catch one!
My time for Atlantic Salmon Flies is somewhat limited due to all business matters but when I'm into one, I complete with a commitment.
Here's The Baron (George M. Kelson) on Harrison-Bartleet 4/0.

Then I have to see myself that my framing is also getting better. Pardon my own shadow and background (no flash), but this picture shows that the fly is "very much floating" in the frame under normal light conditions.

Originally I donated this design to Warriors & Quiet Waters to honor their organization, activities, and participants (traumatized soldiers). I kept quiet about it but just the other day this fly was featured in the newsletter so it would be a right time to give it a public light.

I'm working on an order (two flies) with special "edge" of the frame.  One more to go!

I still have a couple more Salmon Fly projects that I hope to complete till spring. Outfitting operation has been set and ready. Then getting ready for Expo!
It's been and will be the busiest and fulfilling winter-spring!!

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