Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

I hope everyone had good Thanksgiving dinner and is enjoying the weekend. I did and I am.
I was busy with some other stuffs earlier in the week and managed to fish DePuy's Spring Creek ( on Tuesday 25th. My tradition for the past couple years has been to visit back the creek on the weekend. However this year, Friday was very windy. And then on Saturday, though morning wasn't bad, the sudden & severe storm hit the area right at noon....... For the first time ever with Winter Pass, I cancelled a rod (I had called in in the morning).

So this week's fishing report consists only one day but here's another tradition of mine. Fishing during Thanksgiving week has been good! Especially when I haven't caught a memorable brown of the year in October, this week can make it up!!...........
I would say it was pretty much the very end of Fall baetis hatch........ Happy!
Then I started to look for Big Uns!! Rainbow is getting heavy now!
Nice one!
 And then I did it under the pouring rain/snow!!
A dramatic effect
It isn't quite as large as some others I had hooked & lost through this fall (I know...likely story) but it's still respectable and I'm satisfied.
 Another nice one in bright colors!

I've been working on Atlantic Salmon Flies with great concentration. I have completed a couple of great looking ones. But for some reasons, I can't post them for now. Here are just glimpses.......

Yesterday, since I cancelled my "field work", I worked a lot inside! I shot several videos! Here's a new one for you!

Also I have created "Playlists" and categorized my patterns. Then! Number of subscribers is reaching 100!! Much more than this blog though it's a couple of years younger!! So drop by HERE and subscribe!! (no monetary gain involved). 

More Salmon Flies and videos to come! And hope to keep fishing in December!

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