Friday, October 26, 2012

Soft-Hackle Swing @ DePuy's = New COYOTE Versions Were Born

I got home from another day at DePuy's ( with plenty of lessons and pictures. Let's go look!!

First of all, it was much nicer day today. At my regular first hole of the day, it was slow. Furthermore, I couldn't believe a BEAVER swam into the hole through my back and then in my face!! Then it kept circling there!! Beavers and muskrats cause lots of damages along creek banks so they have to be eliminated. I was equipped with only 6-wt rod and size-8 streamer. There was not much offence I could........

Streamer bites are off and on now, compared to last week. Just get myself started, well, I cracked eggs..........
Nice brown,

followed immediately by this massive 'Bow!!

This brown was noting big but the take on streamer was impressive!!
Only one concern for today was typical SW winds got a bit too hard and that might blow away insects or hatches........ At a certain "Windbreak" spot,  BWO kept flying and trout were rising. Last night I modified my own Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple a bit. I observed the synthetic wing of original can be too bright and bushy on sunny bright days (in other words, on dark cloudy wet conditions, synthetic wing is great). So I tied with CDC fibers. Now this version is truly a spring-creek fly!!
 Gladly taken!! More to follow!!
Who says one can't swing large soft-hackles in spring creeks? Nobody but also nobody really does either. My guide mentor, Montana's Master Anger himself Tom Travis, suggests me to give a shot (based on his success). Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you. This is the brandnew version of my original Coyote; COYOTE-Version 3 (Spruce Coyote). (Version 2 will follow below, don't worry!)

Massive runner buck couldn't resist it!!!

Since Tom was just around, I asked him for more pics........
 How biggie............................
Quickly released!
Later today, now I tried COYOTE-Version 2 (Double Pheasant Soft Hackle).
 Same result.......
Scarily kyped jaw!!!

So today, I fished with Nymphs (actually eggs?), streamers, match-the-hatch dry-flies, and large soft-hackles. All of them were successful. But then again, swinging large soft-hackle caused some of the biggest takes of the year!! And that's my most favorite method to fish!!

Apparently I will have to post more about New Versions of COYOTEs. Well, I have just tied another new one to test tomorrow........... To be continued.


  1. Nice post man! I really like using those soft eggs. I do really well with them for steelhead! You might enjoy my posts.

    1. Thanks Joshua.
      Otter's Egg (Montana Fly Co) is realistic, period. Look the stomach sample that contained egg!
      I look up your blog right now!