Friday, August 13, 2010

Little Getaway Day 2: AM - Draw

1:40am, I woke up in my truck cab because it was cold but managed to fall back in sleep.
2:30am, I woke up again. It was really cold and I felt there would be no way to go back in sleep. And this is the modern camping technique, I guess; I started my truck with the heater onto max.
Probably before 3:30am, I woke up again because now I felt I was being cooked. I shut off my truck and slept well till 6:00am.
I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I cooked probably the best breakfast at camping. I kept eggs and ham cool enough and I didn't burn them either. As seen on the right, whole wheat bread were ready to be toasted next.
To solve the puzzle that I encountered on the previous day, I made a hike again to my favorite hole. Midges were hatching all over again. But this time, I didn't see any risers before and after 10:00am............... My dry-flies were not bitten at all. This is the first time that the river didn't tell me anything to catch fish. All I heard was "it's not your day, dude". I again had to do a little trick to fix the "skunk". I hooked into one and only one for the morning. I could tell it wasn't 15 or 16-inch, but it fought more than its size. As I landed, my first word that came out from my mouth was "FAT!!". Just a 13-incher. She must have been gorging on large stonefly nymphs.

Now my trick is revealed. I tied on a little Woolly Bugger in black, size 10. Not always a favorite way to catch trout in small moutain streams, but since I saw lots of stonefly nymphs' shucks, I bet something meaty should work when dry-flies wouldn't bring up trout.
In a way, this size of Woolly Bugger is a special tie to cast with my 4wt rod. I usually tie my streamers way way larger, you know.

I couldn't bring up any large Westslope on my dry-flies, yet I didn't get "skunked" either. So I'd like to call it a draw. I've been on top of the game in this mountain stream but this time, it fought me back pretty well. Then, I enjoyed this sadistic and frustrating situation in order to be a better observer.

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