Friday, August 13, 2010

Little Getaway Day 2: PM - Leech Lake

I went back to my truck at about 11:00am, way to early for lunch and to end the day. I drove around the area. I wanted to explore the area I hadn't been to. Whether driving or fishing, I hadn't driven cross the pass to the west side of WA State. Just at White Pass, I had heard about one of popular fly-fishing water, Leech Lake. As I pulled in and parked, I thought "it looks easy to get along the bank all the way".

Before I started fishing, it was right time to have a lunch. I really think I did a very good job for a gourmet lunch, maybe better than any other fishing-guides do. I prepared a nice tuna salad and very meaty sandwich along with Gatorade, coffee, salt & pepper, olive oil, and ranch dressing. I kept them cool enough for two days.

This was the first time to visit here and I was not well-equipped for the lake fishing. Furthermore, I was with my 4wt and 8-foot rod and no floating crafts. Yet, I believed there should be a way to sneak around from the banks. At least, I had good selections of flies in my vest. But, I noticed that the lake was deeper than I thought with lots of fallen trees, moss, weeds, and potentially muggy spots. Within 10-foot wading, it was crotch-deep and I didn't have enough casting distance. I walked around whatever I could. As I was doing that, I saw lots of rising trout. Though I am not a stillwater enthusiast, I had some good guesses. Besides midges, there was Callibaeties. I picked up a nymphal shuck and I believed this was Callibaetis.
I finally walked into the spot where I could wade and cast. A nice 12-inch Brookie came out!!!

Gotcha, new friend!
I like vermiculations, then fine spots like Brown Trout, along with orange belly like Cutthroat.

I tried to fish till my limit (5 a day here though I am not interested in killing and eating them). Though it was a fine day at the lake, I started to feel some chill by wet-wading to my waste without wader. So I quit.

On my way back, I stopped at a scenic spot, called Clear Creek Fall. It is very steep fall I have ever seen. I wish I could express more with my own words and pictures, but this all I could take.

I think I can make a little camping again next week. And I am planning my fishing plans for September around here. Before I hit the road to Yellowstone at the end of October, there will be lots of explore and adventure around here in eastern WA.

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