Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wreck of April 2010 - Review

I'm in the middle of "breeding boot camp". I do strongly miss my "fly-fishing boot camp" either in West Yellowstone or Livingston. All of these frustration and boredom for this summer will be wiped off in the fall..........., I swear.
As I was cruising around Google Earth and checking and pointing my favorite rivers, spots, and access sites, I had to come across where I wrecked my truck during the Livingston trip in this
April. Here is my blog post from April with pictures of the aftermath.
Now here's the picture from my computer screen for the "spot" from Google Earth. This is where I got stopped by two fence posts sticking from the ground, maybe several feet/yards, give or take.
See the gentle curve where Depuy's spills into Yellowstone River (emerald body). That was where I lost my steering as I was heading north (top) to town.
I still recall it simply looked just a wet road as I drive during the winter here in eastern WA. Furthermore, I am a good driver enough to go with my little work truck. On that day, I was with my Big F-150 so I wasn't paying special warning or attention. But later on I noticed the potential cause. As you can see, that's where the river comes closest to the highway and there is no large piece of land or trees in between. I think that was why only that section accumulated a few inches of snow.
I must have stepped on badly. But then again, I have to admit how lucky I was, as everyone told me. I could have been thrown away into the river!!! And nobody was involved in my cab nor on the road.
Though it cost me a lot to revive my F-150 in April and May, it actually ran better during the June trip. I remember Lieutenant Columbo says "if you take care of your car, it will tale care of you". Indeed.

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