Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yesterday afternoon and this morning are bit slow. I seem to be having a half day off from cows. Yesterday, on my way back to where I'm staying, I drove through the Badlands National Park. Ranch I worked yesterday morning was pretty much the edge of so called "badlands" so when I passed by, I decided I would make a detour to the actual park.

It was magnificent. In my imagination, whole area would be the surface of moon or mars maybe? Or after catastrophic disaster on the earth??

Lots of unique features.

Some mix of prairies too.

Visitor center was also good. I wish I had more time to spend for both on the road and in the center. I can't remember this beast's name....

Instead of that, I saw a group of bighorn sheep. I noticed one of them had a collar that I assumed it would be tagged for scientific research or record tracking.

After the "loop" of Badlands, there's a town called Wall. Little did I know it was a nice little tourist attraction. I thought there would just be an old drug store as I had been seeing signs along the interstate. There was a mall/block of old Western stores and eateries. Again I wish I had more time to look around.

At least I could do my little hobby = collecting a shot glass from sightseeing spots!!

Sounds like I have to get back to cows right after I hit "PUBLISH POST"......

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