Monday, June 20, 2011

Day Trip: 2 - Deadwood & Wild Bill

I ended up watching the rodeo at Crazy Horse memoriam till around 4pm. I concerned I might be late for my next destination on my way back, Deadwood and Wild Bill Hickok stories.
James Butler Hickok has been one of my Western heroes. In one of museum rooms at Crazy Horse, there was a life size statue of him. It seems like I'm about the same height.

Then I reached Deadwood. At both north and south ends of town there's this welcome sign.

I first went to Mount Moriah Cemetery to see Wild Bill's grave cite.

There's a huge sculpture again!

Then I went to downtown Deadwood and found another life size statue at the north end of downtown.

I found famous/infamous Number 10 Saloon where Wild Bill's assassination occurred.


In the basement, which used to be the main floor (I guess), dolls are set as that day. Probably my view would be similar to the killer Jack McCall as he shot Hickok from behind.

He was holding "Dead man's hand"!!

I wish I had brought over night stuff so I could stay all night and play gambles.......!! There are lots of casinos and restaurants that remind me of Elko, Nevada. Well, I had to go home and I felt heavy in my stomach so I just got myself ice cream (see the contrast to the sign of steak house!!)

I did get a shot glass at trading store by the cemetery.

My dream came true!! Meeting Wild Bill had always been in my mind. Then I'm sure I like the town of Deadwood. It's lot of casinos = good bars & restaurants!!

I have to go back again and again (hopefully with some funding!!).

Tomorrow I leave South Dakota for Wyoming to do my last breeding job.

Being independent and professional, job comes first. I believe I'm putting everything I've got to each cow I'm breeding. I first cross my fingers that my conception is good, then will be requested by crews and ranchers next season, and visit Deadwood again!!


  1. I've only been through Deadwood, but never got to check the town out. Looks pretty cool to me. I remember staying at a nice little KOA campsite nearby Deadwood. Cool shot glass. Tight Lines.

  2. Deadwood has become my favorite town in a second. I will be back. I saw only one fly-fisher at a pond along the way. A couple of good rivers are around too but it was hard to judge how fishy it might be as runoffs were really heavy in SD too.