Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother's Day Caddis Report - 4 (Floating around Town)

Today, I took an advantage of great weather and fishing condition by floating the river with my guide friend Graham. We floated just along town of Livingston. Caddis continued to hatch en masse!! However we didn't see many rising trout or a "pod" or two and we had to get off the river earlier. Wish we could have stayed longer but that doesn't mean fishing wasn't fun. We hit a "jackpot" with a "killer fly". It's "Bead, Hare, Copper" from Parks' Fly Shop (click Nymphs and make sure to wacth YouTube video). (I'm out of copper beads so I'm using gold bead for now.) This has become my "life-saver" fly immediately.

With that we hit the "jackpot"!! We caught & lost trout after trout only in one spot!!

A couple of those we hooked but lost could have been larger. It seems we are experiencing some of the best "pre-runoff" fishing. To be continued.

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