Monday, May 14, 2012


How are you doing, folks? I'm doing fine but.......Lovely Yellowstone has started annual runoff. Montana public rivers and Yellowstone Park waters have not opened yet (next weekend and Memorial Day weekend, respectively) but weather is nice and fine. So it's cruel that I don't have much fishing opportunities (I would fish at lakes and walk around spring creeks without fishing for observation under owners' permission).
Now I'm busy to re-stock my flies after busy spring fishing. I seldom show my new patterns & ideas in public without actual experiments at waters but since it's the time like this, pardon me that my ideas are ahead of experiments.......
OK, Purple Haze is one of the essentials in Montana rivers. There is really no PURPLE insects on the surface but somehow this fly does wonderful jobs!!

So why not PURPLE under water? I just came up with ideas and tried at my bench.
Top view.

Though I have figured out consistent list of materials and tying steps, I haven't experimented them yet. I just have to wait. If some of you readers would be interested in this fly and would do experiments ahead of me, I will send you free samples!!
Naming? Purple Haze, Purple Nymph...... OK......Nymph phase...... PURPLE NYMPHAZE?
That'll be the name only if proven at various waters!


  1. That looks like a nice little bug. I would be willing to try it here in Washington. The Purple Haze works very well on the smalls streams here.

  2. I also like fishing.It's really very interesting.I like your blog very much and I will be share it with my friends.

  3. Thanks for kind comments, which makes me brave to experiment. I'm just waiting for opportunities.