Thursday, August 2, 2012

Down & Low

Today I could finally get out for another check-run. It was the section of Yellowstone River way below from town of Livingston. This section is such a diverse big piece of water. Channels, braids, and other structures can be changed every year, depending on run-off of each spring. I needed to get out before I actually have clients with me. Towns friend Hans hopped on my boat and we hit the river.

It was supposed to be a hopper-time and it was.......just took a while, that's all........... We were happy to see our native Cutty in this lower section.

Watson seemed happy all day, maybe, bored?......maybe.

We found lots of stonefly nymphal shucks along the river. Some Midnight Stones are hatching.

They are indeed funny looking.

I have become a very good "Bald Eagle Finder"!!

Scarily HUGE.

I confess this was all I got today.......

Best part of today was we saw only handful of boats including us. Since I am stressed by boat-traffic of Upper River, especially when very annoying & partying recreational rafters are around, it was a good relief regardless of fishing result. If you want to experience some different taste from Paradise Valley, see you Down & Low!

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