Friday, August 10, 2012

Two Places Two Languages - Life of Bilingual Guide

Today turned out to be probably the uniquest day in my fishing life. My lovely hometown Livingston has a "Sister-City" relationship with a little town in Japan; Naganohara in Gunma Prefecture. Students from each town have been doing exchange programs for over 20 years now. This year for the first time in its history, for what I hear, actual fly-fishing was programmed as part of cultural exchange. I was asked to do some casting practice and fish together later on. We met at Sacagawea Park. Here's the landmark of Livingston's fly-fishing history(?) that Japanese Guide who resides in Livingston is assisting Japanese exchange students from Sister-City.

Then we fished the lagoon. Fishing was cut short due to their busy schedule...... I hope students from Naganohara learned some deep roots and history of fly-fishing in Livingston.
Then I was scheduled for an afternoon trip with Parks' Fly Shop in Gardiner. My clients were young brothers from Stockton, CA (no guardians accompanied).  They did wonderful! They loved to cast and catch trout!

Kiss-&-Goodbye. (NOTE: I never forced him to do so for pictures & stories!!)

I sincerely had fun today by assisting young future anglers. Spoken languages were different in each location but one thing in common = FLY-FISHING!!
Yes, fly-fishing is a global language!!

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