Sunday, August 19, 2012

Young Angler & Great Dry-Fly Fishing!

Yesterday I had a great trip. First of all, weather remained very nice all day. It wasn't too hot and most importantly "W"(ind) issue was minimum. Mark from New Jersey was up for Yellowstone Float with his father. Well, he's good, period! He could cast flies into where I directed in perfect manner. Trout was on his way.

My favorite pattern was again proven like this.

PMX Peacock version and relatively large.

John followed his son.

Another favorite of mine was the start of the drama! Royal Wulff Cripple.

At a very overlooked spot by most anglers (except for me!!), Mark cast just as I instructed. It was a huge surprise!!

Why am I not wearing my vest? There's a story about it.......John filmed the entire scene so whenever I get it, I'll post here or YouTube.

Another nice Cutty (and me at work!)!!

My special lunch was greatly appreciated too.
Thanks for a wonderful day! Enjoy the rest of your Yellowstone Trip!!

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