Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birthday Guiding, Cutty, & Misc. Report

Another busy week is in the book of past and the new one is coming.......
I was busy guiding last week. 6th is my birthday. I've been having good fishing on my birthday but nowadays the best way to celebrate is, guess what, guiding!! I had very nice couple clients. We hiked into somewhere in Yellowstone Park. I shouldn't be personal and emotional on the job but good fishing and nice trout are very important on my birthday!! When I saw this strong bend on my client's rod, my heart was pounding and excited just as anyone else's!! (Below, some pictures are from Toni and Kim. Thanks!!)

Some of the "thickest" Cutties I've ever seen in Park drainage!!

Lady was also a very fine dry-fly fisher!!

We moved and fished a different water in the afternoon.
Land & Water of Native Cutthroat, we enjoyed for our heart content!!
Parks' Fly Shop ( veteran guide Wilson and I guided a group of rookie anglers!!

River float trips are going strong too!!
Forget low water and warm water temperatures!! Those are facts but shouldn't be used as reasons for poor fishing = excuses!! Trout are there! Plenty of them! If you hit right spots with right flies, good presentations, and confidence, trout will rise!!
Hopper-Cutty!! or Hoppy-Cutter!? I can't remember.........

Despite of weekly weather forecast for warmer conditions, we are having cool overcast conditions!! Fishing will remain good, even better!!!
Till next report........

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