Monday, August 26, 2013

Green Drake at Soda Butte!!

Believe or not, this happened the day after I had another PMD hatch at Soda Butte!!

I took another group of clients. They are lead by Curtis Wright Outfitters ( in Ashville, NC, who organizes their renowned Yellowstone Trip with Parks' Fly Shop ( Due to (well, another one.....) mud-plugs caused by severe thunder-storms in the area, our float trips were replaced with walk-wade trips. (Eventually Lamar and Soda Butte themselves were also filled with mud-plugs too......). I took them to Soda Butte again. I was expecting another great PMD actions but also I had some hunch...... This weather......... overcast with potential showers........ It might be something other than PMD such as........... Great Green Drakes!!??

Just like a routine or a clock-work, we started to see surface actions at a certain time of the day. YES!! Green Drakes were on the water!! with some mix of PMD!! Here's Tom fighting on his massive one!! I confess I slightly screwed netting........sorry.......

Brother John got one respectable Cutty!!

Anyway here are my famous "pump" pics for Green Drakes!!

Each of brothers had one sipping rise on his dry-fly, followed by "SUBMARINE" Run!! We clearly saw what big and beautiful Cutties they were!! Big Cutties were very aggressive to gulp on Green Drakes!! Those trout went off from brothers' lines before netting but memories will haunt them till next time....... Same for me. I'm just as excited as my clients!!

I have a few more brandnew Green Drake patterns for this season. Those are on water and proven one by one. But we still have "Drake season" left this year so I'll post all as time goes by or all at once sometime later. Shown here are simple yet SUPER effective soft-hackles!! Simple, that's why I can stock (barely....) even during the guide season and take quick photos..... Rest of my new patterns need photo-sessions later the year.......

Flymph - Master Angler Version!!!
 This one is even sparser and simpler!!

Wait for my Drake reports till hatch is over for the season!!

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