Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mid August Report

I'm not much guiding this week. It's good time to check and refill my fly-boxes. Then it's good time to get out on my own and fish!.............but unfortunately I just can't fish for fun as long as guide season is on calender. Season is running and changing. We have started to feel some cold air in the morning. So purpose of my outings at this time of year is to observe changes and differences of trout behavior and of waters. Then I'm always learning new waters, access points (suitable to take clients?), trails, etc., then I have to experiment new fly patterns of mine!

I walked through literally a "sea of buffalo"!! They are not domesticated but still "bovine" or "bovidae" (whatever.......). As long as I'm cognizant of my surroundings and their behaviors, it's not scary (except for estimated 2,500-lb bull!!).

Morning Cutty "wearing" my fly!

I saw a buff walking and eventually swimming the Mighty Yellowstone. He hit the deepest and strongest spot and I saw he was struggling for a short period!! I'm sure there are many other buffs (and other wildlife) that would try to ford Yellowstone River and get washed away!! And that's how powerful the Yellowstone is!! I always fish, wade, and row with great respect on this river.
More "Chubby & Cutty"!!

Badger!! I could get really close!!
And Mormon Cricket!! Apparently this is my fly-tying inspiration!!
Then my brandnew pattern is on experiment!! Guess what........There definitely will be a discussion toward the end of year........
I visited DePuy's Spring Creek ( for the upcoming trip. I've been busy guiding Yellowstone Park and conducting River floats so it's been a while to check out my beloved spring creek. Oh, boy there are lots of learning and observation!! Creek itself, trout habitat, trout behavior, insect hatches, and insect activities, etc., I have to tune up for mid-summer mode!!

Best and most effective way is stomach pumping!!...........only if I can catch one...........fortunately I did for the first thing in the morning. Look what they are eating now............

There is still a "trickle" of PMD hatches. One cast and one rise, that was all it took!!

Again checking stomach samples.........
Sulphur mayfly!!

Terrestrials (hoppers, crickets, ants, and beetles) are all important right now!! Nice Cutty!!

Sulphur hatches in the evening........

Who knows what I would be writing about weathers for the next post? Back in hot days or touch of the fall......... Stay tuned and see you along the river!!

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