Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Deepens (A Bit Too Quickly.......)

This September is interesting....... It's definitely the fall for sure but day-to-day weather varies a lot. Visitors to our area seemed decline after Labor Day then it looks like backing up!! What remains constant seems actually fishing.......

Just a 5-minute of heavy hail storm dirtied up the river right in front of me........

Yellowstone River in Montana has been producing tremendous insect hatches this year!! With this cool (even cold!!) weather, terrestrial fishing/actions tend to be slightly less effective than we wish. Instead fishing for hatches is the name of the game this summer/fall!! Just the other day, with clients in my boat, we have encountered hatches of several insects in several different sizes pretty much all day!!
Correct me if I'm wrong but I shouldn't be way too wrong either.
Heptagenia (click).
Timpanoga hecuba = Hecuba or Western Red Quill (click)
 Cutty love to rise!!

And then here it comes............ This is not from last October or November but on Sep 11, 2014!!
I was in all the winter clothes I own!! - again, in early September!!

Brown trout has started moving..........

Summer may have been short this year instead we have a long fall!!??
Just as I predicted earlier in the season, it will be an epic Fall fishing!!

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