Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fall Gears & Flies

It's just the saga of where I live. Once September rolls in, all the visitors to our Greater Yellowstone dwindles. Yet serious fishermen know the change and time this season on purpose. My guiding schedule slows down, compared to past 3 months, but I'm always keen and ready to go. I still scout as well as I enjoy for my own sake. For this post, I'd like to review a couple of gears I have just acquired and Fall-Flies that will be used any time soon.

So my old watch died. I again went shopping to the nation-wide "Super Center" in my area. I don't really need a fancy watch. Reason 1 is: I don't like to wear one on my wrist anyway. Reason 2 is: All I need is TIME but no extra frills. Reason 3 is: any product will eventually break down or, in the worst case, get lost!! That's extremely true for a hard-working guide like myself. This one cost me $12.88 and is supposed to be water-proof. I have attached on my vest in a spot and a position which is not going to interfere my fishing moves. Let me see how long this one can endure my activities and Montana weathers. As I wrote, the last one survived for the remarkable 7 years!!
This is such a great purchase from Patagonia!! (click here) It keeps me warm and comfortable!!

I'm busy at my tying bench too. Somehow I have a hunch and a gut-feeling that I will be fishing with streamers a lot this fall. Some are as long as 5 inches and other are as small as an inch. I've been looking for an alternative or a substitute for the concrete-like adhesives. I do like them but most of times, those products require serious cleaning efforts afterwards on my fingers and my tying bench..... I finally seem to find my match at a local hardware store.
It's been a while that I tied a Double Bunny.
No...........I didn't tie all of these in the past few days.......... I have just reinforced heads of these small patterns.
These are ones that I actually have tied recently.
All of these are variations of what's called "Micro Zonkers" in fly-shop bins.

Then I'm tying large soft-hackles for the Fall fishing. Not much explanation needed, is there?....... My own COYOTE (on the right) and Mr. O-O.
All of these flies are my go-to patters for both Rivers and spring-creeks. Hope I'm tying enough!!

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