Sunday, September 14, 2014

Slough Creek Memoir

Fall (or winter) seems progressing faster in Yellowstone Park, compared to Montana residential areas. It's glorious, period. Trees and grasses turn their colors and many wildlife are moving down the hill.
Fishing requires some adjustments and observation too. Trout can be susceptible to many changes: water temperature, warmer time of the day, insect hatches, terrestrial activities, list goes on..... As I've been posting through this blog, I have many favorite water bodies in Yellowstone Park. It's hard and almost impossible to choose one most favorite. However, Slough Creek below campground always offers me drama and something to think about.

I took one client there in the afternoon.  In spite of number of cars at the parking area, we didn't see any anglers at some of most popular spots. Weird......... Perhaps it looked like not much going on for them. It was sunny and just nicely warm (in the fall level) so I tied on a cricket. Client missed the first rise. So I switched to a hopper pattern. Little rainbow came up to bite! (no picture). It was just right "pumpable" size and result showed just One Green Drake (no picture), which seemed taken in the morning of the day. I figured it was already mid-afternoon so "theoretically and in general" major hatch would have been over. Yet if we present Green Drake patterns, that might entice trout.......
My speculation came true. Trout started rise to Green Drake patterns!!
NOTE: October Caddis!!!!
Then we started to see sparse yet definite hatches around us!! That was good enough to entice trout to rise and chase our flies!!

This was one of the funniest moments when fishing YNP......., especially some of the most popular waters........
And the BIG bite!!!!
It was quite a fight but my client was able to hold his nerve!!
I held the submarine first!!
No exaggeration or compliment but this is by far the BIGGEST trout I ever netted (hooked by myself or clients combined).
It was a bit surreal experience just like I have experienced many times before at Lower Slough.

So the FLY: Master Angler's Green Drake Soft-Hackle - Fished "Dry"
No more explanations should be needed. Check up my article, sales catalog, tying video, etc........

I will be busy through the Fall!!

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