Sunday, April 5, 2015

Into April

The Missouri Trip turned out to be quite a work out. Perhaps I could say it was a major wake up call to remind my body how summer guiding goes. I think it would be the same idea as the spring training for baseball players. They would warm up and shape up their bodies first then eventually put lots of hard works so they can survive the long season ahead.

Anyway, my physical and mental conditions were set. I went back to DePuy's Spring Creek and fished literally full days, meaning 8AM to after 5PM. Let's review!

On Wednesday 1st, I still felt soured and recovering but I was standing and casting under a cool condition. Midge hatch was the game of the day. A nice brown welcomed back me.
Rainbows are strong regardless of sizes!!
Inspiration for new pattern(s).
Thursday 2nd, I was completely back in shape. But also it was some of the craziest and the best fishing condition I ever had at the creek!! The day started with the midge hatch,
My new pattern has been gladly taken..........
I knew it would be a cold one, calling for rain or snow or mix of both. However, midges kept hatching and trout kept rising!!!
 Even under this condition, dry-fly fishing was SOME OF THE BEST!!
I was quite surprised to get into a good size Yellowstone Cutthroat this time of year.
 Of course, on a midge dry fly!
 A pair of Sand Hill Cranes flew in.
A bit of sunny moment.
My other new pattern was gladly chewed off!!
Baetis was found among one of stomach samples.
 The end.......
Saturday 4th, I went back to the same spot and again enjoyed superb midge hatch all day long.
Just checking the new pattern/color.

This was one of the most memorable and strongest Cut-Bow Hybrid I caught at the creek.
Stomach samples indicated there were certain amount of baetis were hatching.
Can you see where the #24 midge dry is hooking? It indeed nailed between the lip plate and the lower jaw.

Baetis dun was hanging onto my glove, as if to say "use us! use us!" So I tied on a baetis dun imitation and I did get a few rising trout!

I don't say "winter is back". I'd say it's rather a cold fall days at least to me. I have a bit over a week with Winter Pass. I will enjoy the best I will have.

For details of my new patterns, please refer my online catalog.


  1. Nice job and ties Satoshi! Another three weeks anyway for us! Next spring I'm coming back. Enough of this non midge hatch for me.

    1. Hi Todd,
      Are you having a too cold winter/spring to see midge hatches over there? Too much midge hatch can be troublesome too as that makes me go out fishing and tie many flies already at the beginning of season!

  2. Very cold spring! Below freezing most days. High winds and snow every three days. Dismal conditions for now. It will change eventually. Good luck guiding this season.

    1. Oh, even last winter/spring, it wasn't that rough around here. Midges have been keeping me busy! Off to DePuy's!