Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Scene From Tying Bootcamp

My life hasn't changed since the last post...........spring fly tying is going on strong, perhaps even stronger and more dedicated....... There have been days that I stepped outside just to dump coffee-waste (I'm boiling Cowboy Coffee) ONLY 1.5 seconds of the day.

I got a special/specific order and I just finished it. Jig-head & Tungsten bead nymphs. I actually like the results very much. I really feel that I will be converting traditional/general beadhead patterns into this style from now on.

20 Incher Stone

Prince Nymph.
See these have special finish, right behind the bead.

I originally introduced this technique for Atlantic Salmon Flies. This time, considering the specific direction, I figured I could use this technique and would make it right!!

According to my calender, there will be one more week to go............another 40-50 dozens?


  1. Nice looking flies! Really liking the looks of those nymphs tied on a jig-hook , gonna have to try that the next time I sit down at the bench.

    1. As I wrote above, I like the results myself. From now on, I definitely apply this style to many other bead patterns. My source will be Daiichi hooks.