Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Multi-Day & -Destination Trip

I whip-finished 81 dozens of flies during the three weeks of my fly-tying bootcamp. Then guide trips were scheduled over Memorial Day Weekend. I had great folks (father and son) who were willing to try different waters.

Day 1, for their first ever fishing trip to Montana, I chose to guide at DePuy's Spring Creek (www.depuyspringcreek.com). Midges were hatching for the first thing in the morning and we tried match-the-hatch fishing.

 Just as I expected, this time of year, nymphing was very productive too.
 Lunch was grilled burgers & zucchini!!

We picked up some more trout in the afternoon.
 Day 2, I took them to one of local trophy lakes = Burns Lake in Big Timber, MT (http://www.burnslakefishing.com). It was rainy (sprinkles to pounding) and cloudy all day. A bit unpleasant and cold to be outside for this time of year in Montana but we knew it was surely a good fishing weather. My "stillwater selection flies & tactics" were very effective!!
We started with many "practice" size trout (and kept catching them all day) then we were hooked into "trophies" - the reason we were working hard for!!
 Big Brookies!!
 Dad took the lead at the beginning.
Eventually son caught up!

 For this cold day, I cooked over-sizes hot-dogs!!

In the afternoon, rains kept on and so did our fishing!
Checking "trout lunch" every now and then.

More handsome buck Brookie!!
The familiar fight at Burns', which can be addictive!! I knew what was at the end of line!!
 The strong & athletic Kamloop Rainbow!!
Again handsome Brookie!!
 The day ended with one more hard-fighting Kamloop!
 It was a very fun day. Though I myself directly didn't feel those trout, these handsome brookies (and of course Kamloops!) got me really excited too!!
Day 3, we hit the Lower Madison. I had gathered good information along with my own scouting a few days before. I knew the Lower was in the phase of transition. Honestly it was one of those days when the Lower confuses us......

 Weather was changing through our float. Now PMD was popping too!

As much as I had great times with these folks, I'm really glad that they were really willing to challenge and taste different water types and fishing methods. Hope to see more clients who would like to sample many different waters in Montana!!

June is coming......

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