Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring Tying Season!!

My seminal dressing & framing so far = Unnamed Frame is for a consignment at Montana Troutfitters in Bozeman, along with a couple of single-frames. Also I just made a update on my catalog (

My last day (for the following reasons) of fishing Mother's Day Caddis hatch on Lower Madison was some of the greatest experience!! That evening, I got away from my usual bank-spots and observed the main river. In that riffly, choppy, & almost all non-descriptive current, I observed repeating dorsal-tail rises of a huge trout, totally locked in one feeding spot. I was aroused!! I figured out my position along with several casts and saw a rise!! With the predicted & foreseen action, I set the hook 1.5 seconds too fast...........
Madison Lord gave me one more same situation. This time I hooked well!.........but somehow it was gone was big........
The Lord offered me one more..................same story...........
They were all nice sizes that could have taken on caddis dry-flies..... Well, next time.
Over all, the hatch has been so good and trout were very aggressive and strong. Even this size 'Bow put lots of fights on me. I was very content as I was driving home.
Since last winter (2013-14), I spend lots of times on Atlantic Salmon Flies from November to March. Then, once my Salmon Fly projects are completed for my hearts-content, I work on trout flies in spring (sales orders and filling my boxes). This cycle seems to work for me.

It's been 5 years since I acquired a Traditional Jaw of Regal Vise (click the banner!!). It's been working for me very hard and I've been improving myself along with it. Coincidence or not, right after East Idaho Fly Tying Expo, my vise showed some wears and needed restored........ I knew, besides its 5 years of non-stop working, I'd been putting so many hook-sizes. So I might as well ordered Big Game Jaw and Midge Jaw.
This is not meant to be a collection!! It's the full-lineup of TOOLS!!!!
Traditional Jaw will do just as what it has been doing. Midge Jaw has taken over all the small spring creek flies. Then Big Game Jaw will handle Atlantic Salmon Flies!!

I just tied up this one in a bunch to fill the order and my boxes. So here's my brandnew PMD pattern!!

For the past 3.5 days (since vises' arrival), I have tied 20 DOZEN = 240 FLIES!! Perhaps 60 more to go for the next week?  If you need flies for summer, please order me within this month!!

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