Thursday, July 9, 2015

Another Day of PMD Paradise

Oh, what a day...........
I was super fortunate that I was able to visit and fish Nelson's Spring Creek ( . Due to availability of rods = 6 per day = and popularity of world-famous fishing, especially PMD hatch this time of year, I was very lucky to be there (though there would be days that I'm on the creek as a guide in a near future....).

I literally fished dawn to dusk. I did enjoy but also it must be a guide's saga that I couldn't help but experimenting here and there with this and that.
This one will also be another let-pictures-do-the-talking post!

During the calm morning, I started to see rises. I observed midges were hatching. I set the hook a bit too hard for the first one and broke off. I was careful and more concentrating for the next subtle response on my flies. Large and beautiful Yellowstone Cutthroat already made a perfect day!

 Cold creek waters felt just right to go in!

 Just as I thought........
 This time I was able to go extra close! Note: I was not touching or pressing the fish at all.

 Then PMD hatch started!

 Typical Nelson's rainbow gave me its typical action (and my typical "weedy" selfie).
 Then I got something real HUUUUUUGE!!

 Then came one more!

As it's been the custom for the past couple of weeks, I had lunch after 2pm. For mid-afternoon, I had some other ideas in mind. Different spots of creek and terrestrial fishing............ It was very red-hot with this one being the top highlight! "Can I have my Hopper back?"

By the evening, I was very content and thinking to leave. If north breezes would subside, I might see some spinner actions.......... And it happened around 8pm. By then, I was again at one of those underestimated spots that perhaps majority of creek anglers would never care for spinner actions....... I saw continuous rises. Bite! Set! Little did I expect this trophy!
Some of the BEST Cutt in my notes!!
Never meant to crave more actions but it was very nice evening just to be at the creek. At the very last light (for fishing), I spotted several more rises and was able to take the last shot!

Fishing Nelson's during PMD time like may seriously be once in a life time for me......


  1. Looks like a great day to me. I hope you are having a good season. Catch a bunch, Doug

    1. Oh yeah, spring creeks are always good and fun!