Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Challenging & Decoding - Another Day at DePuy's

I had a very good couple clients to fish with at DePuy's Spring Creek ( I really appreciate repeating clients who have found interests and fondness to one of my favorite places to fish & guide. This was their first time to try a summer day.
We were expecting the PMD hatch, of course. As a guide, it had been a clockwork routine for over the past 3 weeks that I could rely on. However there was a sudden change............

Actually the day started very well.

Learning & observation - this relentless habit of mine added up toward the end of the day.
Do you see any PMD (typically we find PMD spinners for the morning pumps)?
 More actions!
More to learn & observe.

But where was PMD? Where are they? Is this something new for the season? Discussion should be held in a near future as part of a summary of season.

After lunch, it was more challenging. One spot, one method, and/or one fly worked better than the other. Over all, we decoded one by one and we picked up trout.

 Then we spotted a rising trout. On what? I kept my eyes on the water and in the air. I spotted a sulphur mayfly, which has been a KEY for the season (though it may be a short period) to interest trout in the afternoon. I tied on a single dry-fly for the Lady Angler. The rise was at not an easy spot of the creek. After some adjustments, she made a decent cast, followed by a very good looking natural drift. Then came a sipping rise...........Perfect hook-set!!, which was followed by an exciting tug of war!

Well done!!
I think my under-water pics evolved this season.........

So, if I had known and relied on one particular action at the creek, it could have had been a poor fishing day for my clients. However, I kept my ears open for information from others and kept my eyes out for observation. Then my clients were patient and open for new situations. What I'm proud of somewhat is, as seen above, we fished for rising trout and insect hatches most of the day!

Thank you for great memories and hard working, Gary & Diane, Hope to see you again!

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