Tuesday, July 21, 2015

YNP Opener & Voyager

It's about time. I've been busy and chasing hatches at Livingston's spring creeks over 3 weeks. Now I started to float rivers and walk along streams in Yellowstone National Park.

Usually, my own Opener of YNP happens sometime in June. This year, for miscellaneous reasons, it was July 15th.

Last year, if you may recall, I conducted a series of "Dawn Treader" trips. This year, I don't have much time but for scouting..........Hence, "voyager" as I still am voyaging from one side to the other.

One thing that's kind of me is: I usually set my YNP Opener at a slightly low-key minor spot (though may not be secret). I liked what I got!
Chubby & Cutty!
Then I ventured to Gallatin River (YNP section, of course). Believe or not, it was COLD!! that you can see in my attire below.

Checking their breakfast........
Typical Gallatin 'Bow!
My new caddis pupa works!!
Then I encountered something unusual and amazing!
Oh, then, this is not from previous falls or springs. Yes, I'm wearing a wader (all day) and my favorite Patagonia Snap-T (till 2pm)!!! Dress accordingly!!
Anyways, this Whitie measured 15-inch long (nothing remarkable) but had an impressive 10-inch girth!!!! Definitely the top candidate of my annual "Whitefish of The Year" contest!!!
Then hatches.....
and checking........

Next day, I drove to other side of the Park. My first destination was Slough Creek below campground, which seems "minor" compared to Lamar and Soda Butte for most visitors....... my kinda place. I was really surprised with thickness of stoneflies that have hatched this year!!
 Even found from the stomach of small trout!
Then here it came!!!!! On what? Of course on an insect imitating dry-fly!!
Also, note how I was dressed now: wet-wading (no wader) and very comfortable!
In the afternoon, I found a good stretch of Lamar all by myself. Happy!
Checking and learning

Yes, this year, most area rivers are running lower than usual years. But summer turns to be cool and moderate (so far). Streams are running cool and fine. So, don't worry, folks, and don't be fed up with gossips. As I just experienced, there are plenty of eager trout!! Done right, they can be at the end of your lines too!!

Then again, I repeat, bring your clothes and dress accordingly!!

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