Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Days Continue

I'd like to say it's been winter-like days, as we know of, here in Paradise Valley. It seems "average" in terms of "how cold" and snowpack, that I think most people around here agree.

I was able to get out to fish DePuy's Spring Creek again in two afternoons this week. Weathers were some of the best I could ask for in this time of year.
This was from a rainbow I caught next.
 Again, this is the time of "winter-run", known among handful of local/regular anglers.....
 Always learning.
Rainbows about this size were very active right now!
 Then, I've been surprised by some good browns!

Some what stranger for this time year, you Cutty!

This afternoon, I successfully caught each trout species of Yellowstone River system!

I've been up-grading and improving my new truck. Finally I got some ideas and put them together to make a rod rack that goes through truck-bed to inside of cab. It turned out to be some of few ideas of mine that came up as I wished!!
I have tested with my own rod and drove miscellaneous terrains. Then I made sure rods are securely held and won't bother passengers. Although there may be some improvements as I use more, I'm certain this set-up will be very useful when I guide clients for walk/wade trips on Livingston spring creeks and Yellowstone Park waters.
Here's another unofficial snowpack report. Just outside of Bozeman, along Lower Madison, snow becomes suddenly deeper than in town.
With some more snow expected till spring, I think it will definitely be some good snowpacks!
Also it's good time to practice - making a fly-fisher out of her!
With the Holiday season totally got behind, I was able to focus more.......that I don't think it would only be me..............
My current project is back on track and going well.

Butcher (T.E. Pryce-Tannatt)
 Durham Ranger
A few more for another grand framing........

So the first half of this month has been full and enjoyable for me.
Hope most of you out there are also busy with fishing and tying.


  1. Looks like you had a great week! Thanks for posting these pics. They are inspirational for those of us stuck in the office.

    Is that a cranefly larva in the second pic?

    1. Thanks for the comment. Office job isn't too bad during winter months..... Yes, that's a cranefly larva, pumped out of 12-inch rainbow. There are so many of them in the creek and trout love them. My pattern works really well.

    2. Very cool. I have never tried fishing crane larvae on the spring creeks. I will check out your tying video tonight. Thanks Satoshi!

    3. You are welcome. Let me know how you will fish with cranefly larva patterns.