Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Run Continues

Here's one post late CELEBRATION for THE 600TH Post!!
I was busy with other things and unconsciously forgotten when I updated last post, which made another milestone, 600th Post!! This blog of mine, which started just as a place to share my fishing stories and pictures (plus some other topics every now and then), has generated so many readers around the globe and even fishing clients over the years. Thank you for stopping by and hope to keep going!

I've been having some of the most consistent winter-fishing in my note. That's because of fair and prolonging "Winter Run" on DePuy's Spring Creek. So the report seems not much changing for the past couple posts but it's just good! - with one surprising reward for this post!!

Pretty much any spots/sections I chose to fish, I've been having good bites with feisty trout.

Then, at one of overlooked spots, I spotted some shadows. That wasn't a spawning action. I just spotted something and challenged for the "sight-fishing" situation with excitement and concentration.............. I successfully got into hooking. Trout leaped and almost wrapped on and around the branches just above the creek. I was able to control the situation and successfully netted!!
This nice rainbow is noted as another memorable & satisfying catch from the creek!!
Different angle.............

On the way back to my home, I spotted this creature!!
This is the first time to observe a naturally black hare!! No need to dye and will produce thousands dozens of black stonefly nymphs!!!
Here's a reworked Silver Grey.
Current project is reaching its climax = two more challenging patterns and the grand framing.....

Hope to get out some more fishing this month and see how February goes.


  1. Very nice report Satoshi-san!
    Best wishes for a great 2016 fishing season!

    1. Thanks for the comment. So far the first month of 2016 is great.

  2. Always enjoy your blog posts Satoshi. Happy 600th!

    1. I'm visiting your blog too and enjoying it. See you at the creek.