Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Great Times!! - East Idaho Fly Tying Expo

I just got back from Idaho Falls, ID after another great times with East Idaho Fly Tying Expo. As I've experienced as an audience and as a demonstration tyer, this Expo is fly-tying and fly-tyer centered event. Then at this convenient location, some of country's greatest tyers come annually and Expo attracts great numbers of good crowds!! I had oh-so-intense two days. Hours passed way too quickly.

This is the tyer shirt for this year..............and I like it very much! You might see me wearing this while fishing!
In the morning of Friday April 22, Day 1 of Expo, I was getting ready for my own Workshop!
I thank my great companion Renee for capturing scenes - that follow - through two days.
Just getting ready......

Here it began!

 It was an intense 4 hours with good times and deep conversations with students!
Meanwhile, Renee captured a couple of scenes on the floor.

Then in the afternoon, my floor session begun!
I had good folks who asked me technical questions right off!!

At the end of the session.............. Over all, my Atlantic Salmon Fly frames caught many people's eyes!!  Thank you!
Saturday April 23, Day 2 of Expo, weather suddenly turned out to be cooler and darker but it held OK. Renee was on her way to Women's Fly Fishing Clinic!!
In spite of her schedule, she managed to come over and snap pictures while I was at Tying Theater.

The afternoon session of Day 2 was as intense and busy as always of this Expo!!
No pictures here but pretty much the same as Day 1 - only one difference would be me in a white shirt.

What an exciting, busy, meaningful Expo!!
I'm quite honored to be invited and to be a part of this great show! I hope to be back next year and following years!! If you have missed this year, you'd better plan to visit the next one. During my busy schedule, I was able to visit a few world-class tyers and I learned many things from them.

Hope to catch up with many great tyers and crowds next year!

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