Wednesday, April 27, 2016

On The Road - East Idaho Fly Tying Expo

The entire trip to Idaho Falls was quite enjoyable.
We had a grand banquet to wrap up the Expo.
Well, my donation = assortment of Yellowstone Country flies = was one of raffle items!
We won practical items!!
Before we checked in Idaho Falls, we were doing some "homework".
Reed's Dairy, a real working dairy farm, is located right in the middle of town and offers perhaps the best ice cream (and many other dairy products made with milk right from there!!) in the world!! I was quite impressed and WILL and HAVE TO go back there time after time!!
We also discovered and enjoyed Jakers Bar & Grill very much!! That was one WORLD CLASS burger!! Grilled for perfection outside yet juicy inside!! plus everything done right. Friendly staffs make our visits very enjoyable and make us want to go back again.
These are highly recommended if you are planning to visit Idaho Falls or passing by.
On the way back to Montana, we made a little detour to Mesa Falls. It's another magnificent natural feature in Greater Yellowstone Country!!
Lower Falls
 Upper Falls are even much larger and, well, scarier!!
Believe or not, this is a part of Henry's Fork, with with we often think of placid flat waters.
 Closer to West Yellowstone, we spotted a moose.

I'm already thinking of next year. Or perhaps someday I may be fishing in the neighborhood state.

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