Monday, May 16, 2016

End(ing) of Fly-Tying Bootcamp & The Madison

My self-assigned fly-tying bootcamp is coming to the end, at least seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. So far I have tied 48 dozens in 12 days. That may sound like only 4 dozen per day. However, 10 out of 12 days, I tied only half (or so) a day, in which either one or two of morning, afternoon, or evening session was not conducted for some reasons. I have about 10 dozens or so in my list, that can be done with a less-pressured leisurely pace now.

So on last Saturday, we hit the road for some fishing. Mother's Day Caddis on Lower Madison came and was gone. Most rivers and streams in our area are in the middle of runoff (give or take). Our options seem limited but then it's just that time of year. We decided to hit Upper Madison, perhaps one of a few doable flowing waters right now.

If you have been following this blog from early days, or if you have read some early (or old) posts, you would see how much I loved and fished Upper Madison. Time has passed since. Nowadays I fish much more than during those non-pro years at much more diverse destinations rather than one or a few favorite waters or sections......... As I drove, I kind of reminisced those days...........

Upper Madison is sweet to me! I guess we haven't forgotten each other!

Renee started to get a hang of this river and to pick up her rhythm.

These, plus two typical whitefish, were just practice for her.
Here's the first big one of the day!!
She started to catch larger trout!
Always learning............
I was having very satisfying actions through the day.
Then we spotted a locomotion at one particular spot. After a few adjustments, Renee hit the spot....... Rest of actions came and gone so quickly!! We knew it would be really a big one........!!!
In my own experience, this the biggest brown I've ever seen in this stretch!!

To add more flavors to our experience, this trout had one very particular upper jaw!!

Entomology was also interesting.
Then she caught the best Rainbow of the day!!
The last fish of the day........ It wasn't the biggest but the way approached this one particular spot was really interesting!!

I would be busy as Master Breeder for next several weeks but she's gonna get me fishing report!?


  1. That old brown couldn't resist Mr. rubber legs. You two had a nice productive day....

    1. Thanks Lester, it was indeed a great day. Classic rubber-legs + Madison beadhead combos!