Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Pale Morning Dun; Ephemerella infrequence and E. inermis.

Although I fish every month of the year and am available to guide all through the year, I just feel my intensive days really kick off as the annual PMD hatches start on Livingston's spring creeks. This is the event that every spring-creek enthusiast has been waiting & longing for the year.

I can't emphasize how fortunate I am that I've been involved in this one of most iconic scenes of fly-fishing in the world, as an angler and as a guide.

As always it's NOT disappointing!!
PMD hatches started to occur just as creek regulars started to visit. And trout react accordingly!!

For the past several years, my scouting & observation visits start with these veterans, who have been very kind and helpful for me to be where I am now.

 Then my clients started to visit!! - DePuy's Spring Creek

 Lots of cutthroat are also making their annual visit = spawning phase = to the creek!!
And, of course, I've been on Armstrong's Spring Creek too!!

Evening actions intensified each day!!
Morning spinner actions at one of good stretches of DePuy's!
Trout's lunch.........
 Our lunch!! - Pioneer Meats brats from a local grocery make perhaps the best hotdogs in Montana!
Son joined the trip later yet he immediately caught up!

On this morning at Armstrong's particular spot, we had perhaps the first best hatch of the season!!

Their annual trip was wrapped at DePuy's one of most productive spots and the evening PMD spinner falls!!

It's always nice to see my clients come back!! And thank you for fishing with me again at some of my most favorite streams in planet!!

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