Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cooling Down (Temps, Not Fishing!!)

I knew so............

Hoot-owl restriction (no fishing from 2pm to midnight) on Yellowstone River below Carter's Bridge has just been lifted!! - not entirely but to Springdale Bridge - which is a substantial distance for wonderful fishing!! Indeed, right after the listing on Aug 2nd, weather cooled down. Again and again, though we're experiencing a lower-than-average flow year statewide, trout are NOT going to disappear by the moment notice. It's up to us to find out where they are. And again, I'm not gonna lie to you that fishing could be slow during the heat of afternoon. In that case, fish early in the morning then fish in the evening again!! Find an honest, conscientious, and hard-working outfitter/guide who offers you long-hour trips and services such as................LEFTY!

Fishing has been good and fun around here.
We hiked up to a mountain stream on my birthday. Renee caught all the good trout on dry-flies!
 While I barely caught one whitefish on a dropper-nymph! Here's my birthday whitie!

DePuy's Spring Creek is offering some of the best summer fishing!!
I had a fine angler who was willing to challenge Summer Midges, which is NO easy task. We did see rise-rings. But also we observed that lots of subsurface feeding were occurring. Even those rising trout were feeding in the column, right after they rose to the creek surface. My guiding tactics was Sight Nymphing - more precicely - Sight Pupae-ing or Sight Larva-ing.
This is another NO easy task to accomplish. Angler has to get close enough to watch trout and observe what they are up to, then make precise casting and quiet presentations. Flies must hit the right depth during the short drift. Oh, not to mention,  all of these need be accomplished WITHOUT spooking trout!! Enough said.......
My angler worked hard then his first trout was some of the nicest Yellowstone Cutthroat!!
Learning......... the bottom creature played a major roll in the middle of day.........
We worked hard and he was rewarded with even a nicer rainbow!! It was quite a fight!!

  In the afternoon, midges were still hatching and trout were rising. However, as I seined the surface, I also started to notice lots of ants were floating............ big ones = size 12-14 = were winged. My favorite pattern for this situation is Jack Gartside's Elk Hair Ant.
Stomach result from one of afternoon trout!! This is what we call "Anting the Hatch"!!!
 We had lots of good actions with ants then back to midges in the evening. He completed Yellowstone Trifecta (catching three trout species in a day)!!
By the way, Yellowstone Grand Slam is above 3 plus Whitefish in a single day.
Then Yellowstone Royal Grand Slam is above 4 plus Cut-bow hybrid in a single day.
It's up to you what you want to achieve and make efforts for it............I certainly can be some of the best helps available in the area.......Especially with whitefish as my birthday catch proves...........

We still have plenty of August. Again, done right, fishing is good. I see much less traffic of anglers and boats this summer on MT public waters and in YNP waters. You are welcome to sneak in!!


  1. Satoshi, I'm sorry that I missed your birthday. I owe you a bagel!

    1. I wish I could rather miss my birthday to prevent getting old!?