Monday, October 17, 2016

"G" River Fall-Runners

Autumn rainy season is prolonging +/- winds (or gusts). It's quite a relief from the hot & low-water summer months. At the same time, it's the time-period to give a shot for aggressive fall-run browns (again) +/- rainbows!

Renee and I hit "G" River. Due to the shadow, or fame, of other notoriously popular streams in the area, this river's fall-run actions are not quite as known, even among nearby locals. I never mean to be secretive yet I have you guess - easy - then learn stretches on your own.

She always gets the first and more actions.........
Then  she nailed one!! Renee is now a full-fledged fall fisher!!
    I'd better catch up with her! See what's working.......
 Inch by inch, I was catching up!
 I know there are possibilities of much larger individuals but I'm happy with my catch!!
    Of course, it was a beautiful ending with one massive football-shaped whitie!!! - my specialty!!

Next day, we headed back to G and surrounding streams. However, prolonging rains have been causing small scale mud slides all over and streams became unfishable, which is shifting down to Yellowstone River...............(great hint!)

Livingston's spring creek is fishing well!!  Midge hatches have been great. On overcast days baetis hatches are highly anticipated. Grab some of my patterns!! Take the best advantage of fall-winter rod rate!!

Come and enjoy the fall fishing in Yellowstone Country!

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