Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting ready.......

My next trip to Yellowstone is coming in less than a week.
Of course I wanted to get there middle of summer to get away from heat here in eastern WA, as I did last year in early August (just around my birthday). I experienced tremedous hatches of caddis, mayflies, and spruce moths. Now as summer is ending, so are those hatches. But I am sure this upcoming trip will offer me another great experience in Yellowstone country. It sounds like SW Montana is having a cool summer, which they might call "normal" in a decade. I would try Firehole and Madison in the Park. Also, as long as I don't have snow/rain/thunder storms, I am planning a day-pack to outlooked little streames with wet-wading. Then it also can be typical "dog-days" of late summer with no hatches. I'd like to see what I can do myself with terrestrials, attractors, and some nymphs that I tied myself.

Here are some flies that I'd like to tie on.
A flying foam ant tied with tiger strip for an enhanced visiblity.

And the foam bee that I copied from Blue Ribbon Flies.

These got approvals from Westslope Cutts in my area this summer. 15-incher from a little mountain stream.

I have been making several trips already so I don't worry about packing my bags and truck. I have gotten used to it. All I have to do is to secure fresh ham, lettuce, and tomatoes for my sandwiches!

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